March 2020 DD
Program Update Form
This new major should begin Fall Spring Summer Year: _____________
**Program Update Forms received by Student Services after the semester census date will be
processed for the following semester.
Residency Certification Number (RCN#) __________________________________
**Only required if student has not attended in the past two semesters or RCN# is expired or will be
expiring before the start of the next semester.
Student ID# ____________________ First/Last Name _________________________________________
Mailing Address________________________________________________________________________
City________________________________________ State _______________ Zip Code____________
Cell Phone Number_______________________ Home Phone Number ___________________________
Current/Former Major Title and Code_________________ Is this major a “Stop Out” Yes or No
New Major Title and Code _______________________________________________________________
**Changing your major can affect transfer credit that you have received from colleges previously
attended. College transcripts on file will be reevaluated for this major.
Students receiving veteran education benefits should contact the Veteran Affairs Office in Student
Services for counseling regarding changes to benefits. Please provide a copy of this completed form.
Please check with the Financial Aid office to determine how changing a program of study could impact
your financial aid. All information provided on this form will be updated in our system including name/
address/phone number.
Student’s Signature_________________________________ Date_______________________________
Advisor’s Signature_________________________________ Date_______________________________
Instructions for Submission: Once student discusses with the appropriate advisor, the form must be
signed and submitted to the Admissions Office. Forms must be complete before the Admissions Office
will process. For questions, please email, call 828-395-4193, or visit Student
Services in the Student Center building.
Admissions Office Data Entry: Catalog year _______ Entered by ___________Date ___________
On File: Placement testing _________ HS transcript ________ College transcript _______
Financial Aid Office Data Entry:
CRI updated by____________ Date _____________
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