July 2010
Professional Organization Exception - (MCCCD Administrative Regulation 1.5 Use of College Facilities)
Many MCCCD employees are members of professional organizations whose objectives relate directly to their MCCCD
jobs. An example of that type of organization is the Western Association of College and University Business Officers.
Where that is the case, and the organization wishes to stage a meeting or event at PC, the college may permit them to do
so as long as the employee-member actively participates in and manages the event, and the organization’s objectives
directly relate to the employee’s work at MCCCD.
Risk assessment (MIRA) required
Facility Use Agreement must be signed indicating details of facilities use
Event Name:
Expected Head Count:
External Organization Name:
MCCCD Employee/Gov. Board Member:
Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Additional Dates/Times:
Space(s) Requested:
Provide a detailed event description, and specify how the activity meets the above criteria (additional information may be
PC Administration Use Only
Standard rental fees: Facilities $ Personnel/Equipment $
President’s (or above) approval to:
Request approved. Waive all fees.
Request denied. Activity does not meet the MCCCD professional organization criteria.
College President, or her official designee Date
Waiver of Rent Requirements Form
Professional Organization