Professional Employee Performance Program
Employee Name: __________________________________________________ Incumbent Title: ________________________________________
Program for the Period: __________________________________________________
Unit: ________________________________________________________Campus Title: _______________________________________________
Campus Appointment Date: ________________________________ Appointment Date to Title: _____________________________
Immediate Supervisor (Evaluator): Name: ____________________________________________________
Title: _____________________________________________________
Unit: _____________________________________________________
The Nature of the Professional Employees Duties and Responsibilities (Brief Position Description):
Supervisory Relationships (1) Who Supervises the Employee? and (2) Who Does this Employee Supervise?:
Functional Relationships (Primary Offices this Person Works With):
Short-term Objectives (Objectives to be Achieved During the Evaluation Period):
Long-term Objectives (RE: Development of Programs, Professional Development, Participation in University Activities,
Improvement of Certain Administrative Skills, etc.):
The measurement (Evaluative Criteria) to be used to determine if the duties, responsibilities, and
objectives specified in the employee performance program have been achieved:
The criteria outlined below are examples presented for descriptive and explanatory purposes only.
If you wish to establish criteria, they should be included in this area. Check where appropriate.
______ EFFECTIVENESS IN PERFORMANCE (As demonstrated, for example, by success in carrying out
assigned duties and responsibilities, efficiency, productivity and relationship with colleagues)
______ MASTERY OF SPECIALIZATION (As demonstrated, for example, by degrees, licenses, honors, awards, and
reputation in professional field)
______ PROFESSIONAL ABILITY (As demonstrated, for example, by invention or innovation in professional, scientific,
administrative, or technical areas; i.e., development or refinement of programs, methods, procedures, or apparatus)
______ EFFECTIVENESS IN UNIVERSITY SERVICE (As demonstrated, for example, by such things as
successful committee work, participation in local campus and University governance, and involvement in campus
or University-related student or community activities)
______ CONTINUING GROWTH (As demonstrated, for example, by continuing education, participation in
professional organizations, enrollment in training programs, research, improved job performance and increased
duties and responsibilities)
______ OTHER (Attitudes, cooperation, dependability, motivation, etc.) Explain Below:
Extent to Which Secondary Sources Shall be Consulted as Part of the Evaluation. (Secondary sources are
agencies, offices, or individuals which will be involved with the performance of the employee and may affect the employees ability
to achieve the stated objectives. Identify specifically. If individuals are used, identify by title NOT name).
**This is to signify that I have read and understand the above Performance Program.
Employees Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________
Supervisors Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________
**If the supervisor and the employee do not concur on the Performance Program, the employee has the right to attach a statement to
the Performance Program within 10 working days from receipt.
Distribution: Original—Official Human Resource File Copies—Employee, Evaluator, Evaluators Supervisor 2/91 revised 12/92