Proctor Agreement and Guidelines
South Arkansas Community College
Your name has been given to us as someone who might be willing to assist us in the proctoring
of exams. Because of the serious nature of exam proctoring, please carefully review the
requirements for your participation.
A proctor may not be a peer of, related to (by blood, marriage, or other legal
relationship), report to, or have a title or responsibilities equivalent to the individual
enrolled in the course. If you feel that your association with the student may restrict
you from being conscientious in your duties, please refrain from participating in this
All testing information will be emailed to you. This information will include the exam’s
format (Internet-based, pencil/paper), the exam’s due date, what items are allowed
during the exam, and the length of time the student has to complete the exam. It is your
responsibility to see that the student follows all directions for the exam.
The student must present a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, in order to test.
If no photo ID is presented, then the student cannot test.
An appropriate location/room that is quiet and free from distractions must be
scheduled for the exam period. The exam information must be kept in a locked cabinet
or drawer, in a secure location, until the day of the exam.
Print the attached Proctor Approval Form, which requires your contact information
and signature. This completed form must be received and approved by the instructor
before any testing information is sent.
Upon the completion of the exam, the student may no longer have any access to the
exam. All completed testing information must be clearly scanned and emailed to the
instructor as an attachment. It is crucial that you keep the hard copy of the exam
in a secure location until you have heard from the instructor that the exam has
been received. Once you have heard from the instructor, you will need to shred your
Thank you for agreeing to serve as a testing proctor for South Arkansas Community College.
Proctor Approval Form
Thank you for your willingness to serve as a proctor for a South Arkansas Community
College student. Please review all of the Proctor Guidelines provided with this form. If you
meet the qualifications and are willing to assume the responsibilities, please complete, sign,
scan, and attach this form to an email message to the instructor’s email address. Should you
have any questions, please contact the instructor.
Instructor Information
Student Information
Proctor Information
to Student
As a proctor, I agree to the following (initial each one):
_____ I attest that I will allow only the above listed student access to his/her exam in my
presence and that I will remain in proximity during the taking of the entire exam.
_____ I agree to adhere to all the outlined proctor guidelines and instructor directions.
_____ I agree to provide the student with a quiet, distraction-free environment.
_____ I agree to require a valid photo ID to verify the identity of the student.
_____ I agree to provide adequate exam security as long as the documents are in my care.
_____ I will personally scan all required test materials and send them as an attachment to the
instructor’s email address immediately after the student has completed the exam.
_____ I am not a current student at South Arkansas Community College, and I am not related
by blood or marriage, nor am I a friend, neighbor, roommate, coworker, supervisor, employer, or
anyone with a conflict of interest.
I hereby certify I meet the requirements of a South Arkansas Community College proctor.
Signature _____________________________ Date