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P&S DMM 0312
1. Complete a separate Processing Request Form (PRF) for each Major Field Test
subject used and/or cohort desired and place on top of the answer sheets for the
corresponding test.
2. Use the special return envelope for returning answer sheets. PRF(s) and other
forms as directed in the Test Administration Manual can be found on the Test
Administration/Procedures tab at
. Answer sheets from different
tests may be returned in the same envelope but should be separated by a PRF. DO
NOT return answer sheets with test books.
3. All used test books must be returned to ETS and may NOT be re-used. Unused test books
may be kept in a secure location for future test administration. Please follow the mailing
instructions noted in the Test Administration Manual.
4. Return Answer Sheets + PRF. Please allow at least 10-15 working days for ETS to receive
your answer sheets if sent via regular mail. User courier mail service for both overnight
and second day delivery of answer sheets and send to:
Major Field Tests Score Department, Room Q221
Educational Testing Service
1425 Lower Ferry Road
Ewing, New Jersey 08618
Attn: Institutional Services
5. Subgroup Reports can be ordered online inside Program Workshop (http://admin.mft- The fee is $200 for a one year subscription giving you unlimited access and
cohorts for the duration of the subscription.
6. Score Reports are now available online. Please log into Program Workshop
( and go into the “Reports” tab. Score reports will be available
within 10 business days of receipt of answer sheets.
7. Combining Cohorts is now available with online reporting. Subgroup reports will not be
produced for combined cohorts.
If you have questions, please call 1-800-745-0269, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday
or visit our website at
ETS USE only
ETS Batch Number: __________________ # of Answer Sheets Received: ___________
Date ETS Received: _____ / _____ /_______
Please fill in the information below:
Institution _________________________________________________________________
Campus ________________________ Department ______________________________
School Code (use 6-digit college code)
0 | 0 | | | | |
_________________ ________________________________ ________________
Test Date Test/Subject # of Answer Sheets
Cohort Name:
PPT - ________________________________________________
(limit 30 characters)
Contact Name: _________________________ Title/Office: _________________________
Email Address: ________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Subgroup Information (for use with valid subscription).
Please write in the subgroup questions you asked and the available responses.
Subgroup Question #1 Subgroup Question #2
Subgroup Question:
Response 1:
Response 2:
Response 3:
Response 4:
Response 5:
Response 6:
Response 7:
Response 8:
Processing Request Form (PRF)