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Private Property Towing Request
I _____________________________________________ (your full name printed), the
 Owner  Property Manager
management company name:
phone number:
email address:
Request this vehicle:
VIN #:
_________________________ Model: __________________________________
_________________________ Plate Number: ____________________________
To be removed from my property at the address of:
___________________________ Postal Code: ___________________________
That was parked here for a period of:
Days: _______________ Hours: _______________
Property owner / manager grants A Better Way Towing express authority to complete on his/her behalf the
Municipal Towing Authorization Form, if required by the municipality to do so. A Better Way Towing is also
granted the authority to pursue all towed vehicle owners on behalf of property manager/owner for outstanding
fees relating to towing, storage and related expenses. A Better Way Towing is authorized to hire sub
contractors for towing under same terms at no cost to the property owner or property management.
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_______________________________ Today’s Date: ___________________________
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