Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Checklist
Students will complete the following before they will be accepted to complete the Prior Learning Portfolio Process:
1. Verify you meet the following qualifications for PLA
a. Enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Arkansas Northeastern College
b. Must have completed 3 credit hours at Arkansas Northeastern College
2. Review the following documents
a. Arkansas Northeastern College PLA Portfolio Guidelines
b. Arkansas Northeastern College PLA Portfolio Slideshow
c. Student’s Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Checklist
Repeat for each course.
Visit faculty/staff directory for more information on departments and contact information.
Repeat for each course. Supporting documents are certificates, licenses, training outlines. If you have a certificate make sure you have a training
outline to accompany.
Completed Contents Description
Reviewed by
PLA Coordinator
Title Page
Should include a title, the student’s name, student
identification number, contact information, and current date.
Table of Contents Include a Table of Contents for each section.
Cover letter
1. Statement of student’s educational goals
2. Statement on how prior learning assessment
relates to the stated goal
3. Statement on courses or outcomes being
petitioned for credit
4. Signature authorizing the goal statement letter.
Resume & Degree
Audit or Unofficial
1. Include a chronological resume
2. Include a degree audit or unofficial transcript(s)
log into > campus connect or see
Prior Learning
Assessment Form(s)
Fill out one ANC Prior Learning Assessment Form for each
course that you are requesting credit for.
Make sure all supporting documentation is detailed enough
for the PLA coordinator to suggest credit.
Course Syllabus
Provide the Course syllabus for each course that you are
requesting credit for. Syllabus can be obtained from > resources or the departmental
administrative specialist.
Prior learning narrative
& documentation
Provide certificates, narrative about knowledge, or other
documentation to support the skill(s)
Evaluation Forms Written by the Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator