Revised on 04/13/2020
Prior Credit
Semester _____________
I understand that the Tarrant County College VA Certifying Official has agreed to certify me for this
semester ONLY to allow time for my prior credit to be properly evaluated.
I understand:
1. I must request that all my college transcripts and military transcripts be submitted to
Tarrant County College Admissions and Records Office or the Registrar’s Office.
2. After all my transcripts are on file at Tarrant County College, it is my responsibility to go
online on WebAdvisor and request a Transcript Evaluation.
3. I must submit an updated Degree Audit to the Registrar’s Office showing the completion of
my prior credit.
Upon the Transcript Evaluation completion, if you are given prior credit for any certified course(s), YOU
MAY BE REQUIRED TO REPAY the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for benefits you have
received prior to the Transcript Evaluation completion.
Your signature on this document indicates that you have read and understand the terms listed
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