Prescribed Form for Release of Lien
A release of a lien may be executed in the lien release section located on the front of the certificate of title, on this
form, or on the lienholder’s letterhead. A release of lien on the lienholder’s letterhead must contain the same
information as required in theVehicle Information” section of this form. All t
hree options for releasing a lien require
an original signature and must be dated; a copy will not be accepted.
Note: When completing this form in conjunction with an Application for a Certified Copy of Title (Form VTR- 34), a
business card containing the authorized agent’s name and lienholder’s name,
authorization on the lienholder’s
letterhead for the authorized agent, or employee identification is required. If the lienholder is an individual, a copy of
the individual’s government issued photo identification is required.
Vehicle Information
Vehicle Identification Number Year Make Body Style Model
Title/Document Number (if known) Texas License Plate Number (if known)
Lien Information
Lienholder Name Date Lien Satisfied
Address City State Zip
Authorized Agent Name
Phone Number Email
Lienholder Certification - State law makes falsifying information a third degree felony
I, the authorized agent for the lienholder as listed above, certify the lien or encumbrance on the vehicle described
above has been satisfied; therefore, the lien or encumbrance is/was released on the date listed above.
Signature of Authorized Agent Printed Name (Same as Signature) Date
VTR-266 Rev 10/16 Form available online at Page 1 of 1