Presbyterian College: Dual-Degree Int
ernational Student Application
This application must be completed by all Dual-Degree International Student applicants. Please download, save and
complete this form.
Application Deadlines: Fall semester (August-December) and Academic Year- May 1
Spring semester (January- May)- November 1
Please submit the following documents via email to
-Home University
-Medical Form
-Financial Certification Form
-Current Photo of yourself
-Short essay in English, explaining why you want to study at Presbyterian College
-TOEFL or IELTS Official Score report or Home University approved TOEFL
ntil these documents are submitted your application is considered incomplete.
All international students are required to purchase international student health insurance from Presbyterian College as a
condition of their visa.
Personal Information
All information given MUST match the information in your passport. This information will be used by Presbyterian College
to issue your visa documents.
Last Name or Family Name * First Name (as seen in passport) *
Date of Birth (month/day/year)* Gender *
Email Address *
Current Address: Street Name, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country *
City of Birth * Country of Birth *
Country of Citizenship * Country of Legal Residence *
Name of Home University * Major/Course of Study *
When are you planning to study at Presbyterian College? *
University Contact Name * International Advisor or International Program Office contact
University Contact Email * University Contact Phone #: *
University Contact Address: Street Name, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country*
Emergency Contact Name: *
Emergency Contact Email: * Emergency Contact Phone # *
Emergency Contact Address: Street Name, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country*
Housing Preference Survey
*All international students are guaranteed housing on campus, but ARE NOT guaranteed placement in their first
housing choice. To compare all residence facilities available for international students, click here.
Please list your choice of housing from first to last choice *
Grotnes (female), Clinton (female), Smyth (female), Barron (male), Georgia (male), Carol International House
(Open to all students)
Please provide any reasonable requests concerning your rooming arrangement or additional information
we should know in finding you a roommate. If nothing, please leave blank.
Participation Approval Form
Presbyterian College seeks to admit students who provide evidence of intellectual performance, good character,
and potential which will permit them to profit from programs of the academic rigor of those offered by
Presbyterian. The college recognizes that learning opportunities are enhanced by a secure environment. As part of
the Admissions process, we require applicants to respond to the following questions. Information provided in
response to these questions needs to be reviewed, but rarely results in denial of admission.
Have you ever been expelled, suspended, disciplined, or placed on probation by any secondary school or
college you have attended because of; academic dishonesty, financial impropriety, or an offense that
harmed or had the potential to harm others? *
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (including guilty or no contest pleas and juvenile
court proceedings) other than minor traffic violations or are there criminal charges pending against you
at this time? *
If you answer yes to either of these questions, please explain in an attached letter. If circumstances arise
in the future (until the time you begin attending classes) that make your answers to the above questions
inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete, you must provide the Office of International Programs with
updated information.
If you have or will receive Bachelor’s degree or higher (or equivalent), or have attended other colleges or
universities, please enter the last school attended below and provide degree and graduation information.
If you have not attended a College or University, enter the name of your high school.
By signing your name here, you authorize Presbyterian College’s Office of International Programs (OIP)
to have access to information regarding your academic, social, and financial standing. You also
authorize the OIP to share any pertinent information with directors and staff overseas as needed. The
existence of a disciplinary record does not preclude admission, but will be considered in the overall
evaluation of the application. *