Preliminary Financial Statement for International Student Applicants
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
This form must be completed and signed by you and a bank officer before an I-20 document will be issued. This form
expires three (3) months from the date of your application.
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
[Last] [First] [Middle]
Country of Citizenship: ___________________________________
Expenses for one (1) school year (Fall and Spring semesters, totaling 9 months) at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
are approximately $17,500 USD.
United States Citizenship and Immigration Servi
ces (CIS) regulations require documentation that sufficient financial
resources are available to meet a student’s prospective educational and living expenses while in the U.S. Therefore,
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College requires a guarantee of financial resources from each applicant who expects to
obtain or maintain Student (F-1) or Exchange Visitor (J-1) status. Applicants are required to submit financial
documentation that equals or exceeds one academic year of expenses, for the program of study they are interest in
pursuing. Adjustment sin the financial certification cannot be made based on a student’s individual circumstances. This
estimate is based upon 12 semester hours each semester for associate degree studies.
A Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) will not be issued until this information is provided and verified.
Scholarships available to international students at NEO are very limited and students should not rely on outside funds to
finance their educational, living or emergency expenses. Please refer to the NEO Development Foundation for more
information regarding scholarship opportunities.
International students must provide proof of financial resources equal to $17,500 USD, which may include personal funds,
scholarships, grants, and private aid. All resources must be substantiated by appropriate documentation including bank
statements, award letters, and notarized promissory notes from sponsors.
FINANCIAL RESOURCES (All amounts must be listed in USD)
Personal Funds:
*bank statement required
Family Funds:
*bank statement required
Scholarships from NEO:
Specify source
*attach copy of award letter
Other funds:
Specify source
*include statement, notarized letter, etc. as documentation
Total (must be = or > $17,500 USD)
[The PDSO will ONLY include items listed on this form on your I-20 document. DO NOT omit any resources you wish considered for purposes of obtaining an F-1 Visa.]
I understand that the resources listed above are supplied to cover tuition costs, housing fees, school supplies, living and
emergency expenses that will be incurred while studying at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, including potential
changes in tuition, books and supplies, room and board, medical insurance and personal needs. I guarantee that I will
have sufficient funds available to meet my estimated educational expenses for each year that I study at NEO. I certify that
I can make the necessary arrangement to have all funds ready for payment by the end of the first week of classes and
adequate funds for travel to and from the United States.
If you are married and your spouse and/or children will accompany you to the U.S., please provide the following
information for each individual. Additional funds must be available to support your dependents amounting to $10,000 USD
for a spouse and $6,000 USD for each child.
Last Name, First Name Date of Birth Country of Citizenship Relationship
Unless your own savings supports you, immigration documents cannot be issued without a guarantor completing and
signing this section.
Guarantor’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________
[Last] [First] [Middle]
Guarantor’s Country of Citizenship: ___________________________________________________________
Is the Guarantor currently residing in the United States?
If yes, is the Guarantor a U.S. citizen? Yes No
If no, is the Guarantor a Permanent Resident Alien? Yes No
If Guarantor resides in the U.S. and is not a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident Alien, what is his/her visa classification? __________
As the applicant’s guarantor, I understand that while $17,
500 USD is the minimum amount required for study at NEO,
actual costs may vary based on changes in tuition and fees, books and supplies, medical insurance and personal life
style. I guarantee that I will provide _____________________________ with sufficient funds to meet expenses
incurred for each year the applicant is enrolled at NEO. I certify if there are dependents that plan to accompany the
applicant, I will provide the additional funds necessary to meet the needs of the applicant’s dependents. I certify that I
can make the necessary arrangements to have all funds transferred to the United States and that I will provide
adequate funds for the applicant’s travel to and from the United States. I understand that tuition is payable in full at the
beginning of each semester.
Mailing Address of Guarantor:
Signature of Guarantor Date:
Along with this Financial Statement, please submit separate bank statements/letters for Guarantor accounts.
Documentation must be 1) written in English, 2) on official bank letterhead (with valid address and phone number for verification, 3)
stamped with the official bank seal, and 4) signed by a bank official, including title.
The letter must specifically verify the following 1) the name of the account holder, 2) account number, 3) type of account (must have
readily available funds such as savings or checking; accounts for retirement, property value or stocks/bonds are not acceptable), 4)
date letter was issued (must be within the last 3 months, 5) current account balance with a minimum balance (in USD) to cover the
student’s estimated expenses plus that of any dependents.
Multiple accounts are admissible, however if more than one person is submitting statements, each person must complete the Guarantor
All bank certification requirements must be met before an I-20 will be issued.
“I hereby certify that the above information provided is a true and accurate statement of the financial
resources available to me for study in the United States.”
Signature of applicant Date: