SRPMIC Preliminary Application Form and Checklist - Page 1 of 5 Revised 4/23/2020
Preliminary Application Form
General Plan Amendments, Zoning Map Amendments, Conditional Use
Permits, Variances and Design Review
A Preliminary Application submittal and meeting with a staff planner is required prior to filing a
formal application with the Planning Services Division (PSD) for the following types of
applications: General Plan Amendment, Zoning Map Amendment, Conditional Use Permit,
Variances and/or Design Review.
The purpose of the Preliminary Application is to provide information regarding the Salt River
Pima-Maricopa Indian Community’s (SRPMIC) development requirements, planning review
and approval processes, application(s) and fee requirements, and to provide an initial,
informal review to assist in the preparation of documents for a formal application submittal.
Refer to the steps below to complete the Preliminary Application process:
1. Review and fill out the Preliminary Application form and prepare a packet to submit to
PSD. The packet includes the completed application for the documents listed on the
submittal checklist and a copy of the receipt. Contact a staff planner by calling the PSD at
480-362-7654 if you have questions.
2. Pay the Preliminary Application fee of $400.00 to the SRPMIC Finance Department,
located at 10061 East Osborn Road - Building A 1
Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85256. Make
payments to account number XPS-10000-25-43800 with a check payable to SRPMIC or
with a major credit card. Request two copies of the receipt and include one copy with the
Preliminary Application packet.
3. Submit the Preliminary Application packet to the PSD office, attention to assigned case
planner, located on the third floor of 10079 East Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256.
4. Within 1-3 business days, the assigned case planner will review the application for
completeness and set up a meeting date and time, which is about four (4) weeks after the
submittal date to go over the application, the staff review and other information.
5. Attend the meeting to review comments with PSD staff regarding the application. A copy
of the staff review comments, application forms and submittal requirements for the next
steps will be provided. The meeting is an opportunity to ask questions about feedback on
the Preliminary Application and the formal application requirements and process.
Note: If a formal application has not been submitted within one (1) year of the Preliminary
application submittal date, a new Preliminary Application may be required.
Community Development Department
10,005 E. Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Telephone: (480) 362-7600 Fax: (480) 362-7714
SRPMIC Preliminary Application Form and Checklist - Page 2 of 5 Revised 4/23/2020
Preliminary Application Form
For Staff Use
Received by:
Date Received:
Fee Received:
Case No :
Meeting Time:
Check applicable box(es):
General Plan Amendment
Zoning Map Amendment
Conditional Use Permit
Design Review
Deviation from Standards
Applicant Company Name:
Contact Person’s Name:
Mailing Address of
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Email:
Project Name:
Location of the site (Address, if available):
Proposed Use (e.g. Medical Office, Shopping Center, Day Care):
Approximate building square footage:
Is the property leased? If yes, provide lease number:
Current Zoning:
Current General Plan /
Overlay designation:
Acreage (Net and Gross):
Brief description of the request:
SRPMIC Preliminary Application Form and Checklist - Page 3 of 5 Revised 4/23/2020
Project Narrative - Provide as much information as possible i.e. purpose of request,
use and operations, project phasing, architectural design intent, project size, etc. Attach
separate sheets if necessary or provide as a separate letter.
SRPMIC Preliminary Application Form and Checklist - Page 4 of 5 Revised 4/23/2020
Submittal Checklist
The following information should be included with the request for a Preliminary Application
meeting. The less information included, the less feedback will be given to assist with the
preparation of the formal application submittal. At a minimum, a project narrative, site plan and
building elevations should be included.
Fee payment receipt. The fee of $400, along with a copy of your application, shall be paid to
SRPMIC account XPS-10000-25-43800 at the Finance Department located at 10061 East
Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ.
Project Narrative.
Aerial Location map.
Conceptual site plan at showing:
Scale 1:20 or 1:40
North arrow
Site data acreage, building square footage, open space, etc.
Adjacent roads
Parking and driveways
Location and layout of buildings
Open spaces
Traffic access
Legal Description and Survey Map (highly recommended if available): Legal description
and survey map for the site must be sealed and signed by a registered surveyor or engineer.
Legal survey will include the acreage of the overall subject area, a breakout of acreage and
square footage by individual Salt River allotment. In addition to required paper and .PDF
copies, a map is needed in AutoCad (.DWG) format for verification. Map must be based on
the NAD 1983 Arizona State Plane Central International Feet Coordinate System. Contact
Rick Klebieko, ECS Survey Manager with any questions related to Community, BLM, or GLO
monuments and boundary information at 480-362-7803.
Master site plan (if applicable)
Phasing plan (if applicable)
Conceptual grading and drainage plan
Conceptual elevations (prefer in color)
Note: For your information, prior to submitting the formal Design Review application, the proposed
development’s end-user Human Resources or authorized representative is required to contact the
Russell Williams, SRPMIC Human Resources Department’s Community Employment Compliance
Program regarding the Community’s Employment Preference Program. His telephone number is
480-362-6623 and his email address is
SRPMIC Preliminary Application Form and Checklist - Page 5 of 5 Revised 4/23/2020
Number of copies to be submitted:
Please submit two (2) copies of the above submittal checklist. All drawings should be
24”x36” and folded to approximately 9”x12” with title block showing. In addition, submit a
compact disc (CD) containing a .PDF copy of the Preliminary Application submittal packet
including the Georeferenced .DWG as required for the site plan.