Predicted Grades Request Form
Applicants who will graduate from a high school outside of the United States are encouraged to submit results from any
regional or
national examinations which represent completion of secondary education and proof of high school graduation. If your
final results from any secondary school or university entrance examinations are only released after our application deadline,
predicted results can be submitted officially by your high school to Northeastern University.
Predicted grades can be submitted by completing Northeastern’s form or using your own school
form, and uploading with the School Report, high school transcript, or Counselor Recommendation in the Common Application
or Coalition Application, or by sending from an official school email address to
Student Name (Surname, Given Name):
Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd):
High School Name:
School Official (Name and Title):
Official School Email Address:
Official Examination Name:
Results Release Date (yyyy/mm/dd):
Subject (Full Name) *
Level (HL or SL, AS-Level
A-Level, Coeff, etc.)
Predicted Grade
* Please be as specific as possible. For example, for IB language exams, please indicate whether the student is sitting for IB Language A: Language &
Literature, IB Language A: Literature, IB Language B, or IB Language ab initio.
Predictions provided are the most up-to-date and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Final results must be provided to
Northeastern University as soon as they become available, sent either by an examination board, or as an officially certified
copy by the high school. Northeastern University reserves the right to rescind any offer of admission if final results are not
within a close range of the predicted results.
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