Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Form
Owner Name(s): Home #:
Strata Plan: Strata Lot: Work #:
Civic Address: Cellular #:
Purpose: New Enrolment Cancellation (15 days notice required)
Change in Banking Information
Account Type: Personal / Individual Business Account (e.g. Holding Company)
1. I / We hereby authorize The Wynford Group on behalf of our Strata Corporation and / or respective Section to draw
cheques or prepare debits by paper or electronic entry on the 1
of each month covering the following: Please "
the applicable items.
Monthly Strata and/or Section Fees Storage / Locker Parking Other (NO Special Levies)
I / We acknowledge that the amounts for each item indicated will be those prescribed / approved by the Owners and
due to the Strata Corporation and / or Section. The amounts may be increased / decreased as approved by the Owners
of the Strata Corporation and / or Section.
2. Effective Date: 1
(See “Note” Below)
(Month) (Day) (Year)
Note: The effective date must be the 1
day of the month. The PAP Form must be received by The Wynford Group 15 days
prior to the effective date; otherwise, commencement will begin on the 1
of the following month.
3. I / We undertake to inform The Wynford Group, in writing, of any change in the account or address information provided
in this authorization, 15 days before the beginning of the month. If the account is transferred to another financial
institution, it will be necessary to provide The Wynford Group with a voided cheque.
4. This authorization may be cancelled at any time upon receipt of a minimum of 15 days written notice to The Wynford
Group prior to the first day of the following month.
5. I / We acknowledge that delivery of this authorization to The Wynford Group constitutes delivery by me to the financial
institution indicated on the face of my voided cheque.
6. I / We have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement. For example, I / We have the right
to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this pre-authorized agreement.
(More information on recourse rights is available from any financial institution or at
I / We hereby confirm our authorization in accordance with the provisions contained herein and warrant that all persons whose
signatures are required to sign on this account have signed below.
(Month) (Day) (Year) Signature 2
Signature if required
Important: If you are NOT the registered Owner but are taking responsibility for making payments please complete below:
Name: Phone #: ___________________
Please Print Please Sign
Full Mailing Address:
Required To Be Attached
Blank cheque marked "VOID" to indicate the account to be drawn upon or account form from bank.
Sufficient cheques to cover Strata Fees and / or Section Fees and / or other charges due prior to the effective date.
For Wynford Use Only
Strata Plan: Unit: Owner Code:
Entered By: Date Entered:
** In addition to mail and fax, signed (PAP) forms
can be submitted by email to