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Address & Zip Code:
Property Owner:
Address & Zip Code:
Water Rights Owner:
Project Name:
Project Address/Location:
Project Description:
Existing Zoning/Use:
Parcel Number:
Source of Water:
Source of Electricity:
Source of Sanitation:
Source of Natural Gas:
School District:
Fire District:
Proposed Public Roadway Access:
STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING: Review of this application and supportive documentation will not begin until the
Community & Development Services Department deems the application complete. No application or pre-application submittal will be considered
complete until all required pieces are submitted in both hard-copy and as an individually labeled, digital collection on a single CD/DVD or thumb drive.
Applicant acknowledges that there is no mutually agreed upon time between the County and the applicant during which this application will be
approved, conditionally approved or denied. In addition to the standard Land Use Fees, the applicant is responsible for all Public Notice Costs (signs,
legal notices, certified mail, etc.), as well as large envelopes and postage for Referral Agencies, Planning Commissioners and the Board of County
Commissioners, etc.
APPLICATION AGREEMENT: The applicant agrees to pay for reasonable additional engineering and/or consultation when requested by the
Community & Development Services Department, Planning Commission or Board of County Commissioners when, in their opinion, additional
information, studies, or investigations are needed to help clarify the proposal made.
Applicant’s Signature ____________________________________ Date: ___________________
Documents Required for Pre-App:
Completed Pre-App Form Cover Letter Vicinity Map Sketch Plan Proof of Ownership/Deed
Pre-Application Fee:
$100 $600 Other: $ .
Received by CDS Staff:
Fee Collected:
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