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APPLICABILITY. This application should be used when applying for a Pre-application Conference. The purpose of the pre-
application conference is to identify the standards and procedures of these LDRs that would apply to a potential application prior
to preparation of the final proposal and to identify the submittal requirements for the application.
For additional information go to
Physical Address:
Lot, Subdivision:
Mailing Address:
Name, Agency:
Mailing Address:
PAP Request 1 of 3 Effective 06/01/2019
Time & Date Received
Please note: Applications received after 3 PM will be process the next business day.
Property Owner Applicant/Agent
ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONAL. For EA pre-application conferences, a qualified environmental consultant is required to attend
the pre-
application conference. Please see Subsection 8.2.2.C, Professional Preparation, of the Land Development Regulations, for
more information on this requirement. P
lease provide contact information for the Environmental Consultant if different from
Name, Agency:
Mailing Address:
TYPES OF PRE-APPLICATION NEEDED. Check all that apply; see Section 8.1.2 of the LDRs for a description of review process
Physical Development Permit
Use Permit
Development Option or Subdivision Permit
Interpretations of the LDRs
Amendments to the LDRs
Relief from the LDRs
Environmental Analysis
This pre-application conference is:
For an Environmental Analysis
For grading
SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS. Please ensure all submittal requirements are included. The Planning Department will not hold
or process incomplete applications. Provide one electronic copy (via email or thumb drive), and two hard copies of the
submittal packet.
Have you attached the following?
Application Fee. Go to for the fees.
Notarized Letter of Authorization. A notarized letter of consent from the landowner is required if the applicant is not
the owner, or if an agent is applying on behalf of the landowner. Please see the Letter of Authorization template at
Narrative Project Description. Please attach a short narrative description of the project that addresses:
Existing property conditions (buildings, uses, natural resources, etc)
Character and magnitude of proposed physical development or use
Intended development options or subdivision proposal (if applicable)
Proposed amendments to the LDRs (if applicable)
Conceptual Site Plan. For pre-
application conferences for physical development, use or development option permits, a
conceptual site plan is required. For pre-
application conferences for interpretations of the LDRs, amendments to the
LDRs, or relief from the LDRs, a site plan m
ay or may not be necessary. Contact the Planning Department for assistance. If
required, please attach a conceptual site plan that depicts:
Property boundaries
Existing and proposed physical development and the location of any uses not requiring physical
Proposed parcel or lot lines (if applicable)
Locations of any natural resources, access, utilities, etc that may be discussed during the pre-application
Grading Information (REQUIRED ONLY FOR GRADING PRE-APPS). Please include a site survey with topography at 2-foot
contour intervals and indicate any areas with slopes greater than 25% (or 30% if in the NC Zoning District), as well as
proposed finished grade. If any areas of steep slopes are man-made, please identify these areas on the site plan.
Other Pertinent Information. Attach any additional information that may help Staff in preparing for the pre-app or
identifying possible key issues.
PAP Request 2 of 3 Effective 06/01/2019
Under penalty of perjury, I hereby certify that I have read this application and state that, to the best of my knowledge, all
information submitted in this request is true and correct. I agree to comply with all county and state laws relating to the subject
matter of this application, and hereby authorize representatives of Teton County to enter upon the above-mentioned property
during normal business hours, after making a reasonable effort to contact the owner/applicant prior to entering.
PAP Request 3 of 3 Effective 06/01/2019