Address:Development Management
Cheshire West and Chester Council, Civic Way
Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE
Tel: 0300 123 7027
Pre-application advice service form
Please return this form, fee and the necessary documentation to the Development Management Team, by email
to or post it to Development Management, Cheshire West and Chester
Council, Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE
Please read the guidance notes before completing this form
Please use black ink to complete this form if not completing it electronically
1. Enquirer Name and Address
Contact Details
Telephone no:
2. Agent (if applicable) (all communication will take
place with Agent if you complete these details)
Contact Details
Telephone no:
3. Location of development site and ownership
Full address of site (please give postcode if applicable):
The enquirer is the : owner occupier lessee prospective purchaser
Name and address of owner:
4. Description of the proposed development
5. Enclosures
attach the following information (please tick as appropriate) Those marked with an * are mandatory
Site location plan
Photographs of site and immediate surroundings
Description of the range of development envisaged in terms of scale and uses
A list of any key issues for which you require a specific response
Other information please list below
ease indicate if you wish an officer to facilitate a meeting with Local Member(s) (Please note this cannot be
guaranteed and will depend on the individual circumstances)
Please sign and date where indicated below to confirm your pre-application enquiry.
I the undersigned confirm that I am seeking pre-application advice on the proposed development
described in the attached documentation:
Signed …………………………… On behalf of …………………………… Date ………………………
Description of existing uses/buildings on the site
Sketches or plans of the proposal
Initial Fee
For card payments please call 0300 123 7027
For cheques payments please make payable to Cheshire West and
Chester Council
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