Power of Attorney
To: The Department of Licensing
Title & Registration Control Division, Olympia, Washington
I (We),
the undersigned, do hereby duly appoint
Inspirus Credit Union, a Division of Gesa Credit Union
to act as my (our) attorney in fact to sign all papers and documents that may be necessary in order to
secure Washington registration of or to transfer my (our) interest in the following described vehicle:
Year, make, and model
Vehicle Identification Number
License Number
I (We) further agree to guarantee and save the State of Washington and the Director of Licensing from all
responsibility that might accrue from the issuance of Washington registration or transfer on such vehicle.
State of County of
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Signed _______________________________
______ day of _____________ ,
Driver’s License Number
Notary Public
Signed _______________________________
Residing in ___________________________
Commission Expires ____________________ __________________________________
Driver’s License Number