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The Occupational Skills Training program is designed to prepare students for entry level
employment in the area identified and agreed upon for their individual training. Students earn
from 1 to 16 credits per term depending on their hours of participation.
Major assignments include:
Completion of an individualized course of study
Completion of student timesheets on a regular basis
Active participation in all aspects of the training program
Comply with the rules and responsibilities identified by the funding agency, the
consultant, the training plan, and the training site
Intended Outcomes for the Course:
Use industry-specific vocabulary and tools effectively
Use professional behaviors appropriate to the work place such as punctuality,
attendance, cooperation, teamwork, and respect
Understand and apply the safety standards of the work site and the industry
Use written and oral communication appropriate for the occupation or industry
Use workplace math skills appropriate for the occupation or industry
Be prepared to enter the occupation of choice with entry-level skills
This course is offered on a pass/no pass basis. A grade of P represents satisfactory
achievement which would have been graded C or better on the regular grading scale, but is
given instead of a letter grade.
Students who successfully complete the program will receive a
passing score based on attendance, attitude, and progress in training as rated by the on-site
instructor. Timeliness of reporting by student and trainer may also affect the grade for the
course. A Monthly Timesheet & Trainer Report is completed by the on-site instructor. Student
Activity reports are completed by the student and submitted to the PCC Skills Training
Coordinator regularly. Periodic visits by a PCC Skills Training Coordinator are made with a
written progress report generated.
ccommodations: Students who have a disability and require a classroom adjustment or
accommodation should make their needs known. Please arrange to meet with your coordinator
to discuss your request.
PCC has an Institutional Withdrawal Policy: You and your referring counselor may access
this information through the class schedule, the PCC catalog, or the PCC website at
www.pcc.edu. Responsibility for withdrawal from a class within the specified withdrawal
timelines resides with the student. If you are working with a vocational counselor, you should
work with him/her in this process.
Title IX Statement: Portland Community College is committed to creating and fostering a
learning and working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect. If you
believe you have encountered sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or
discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, national origin, veteran status, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity, or disability, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at
971-722-5840 or equity.inclusion@pcc.edu.
Student Rights and Responsibilities: The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
(www.pcc.edu/about/policy/student-rights/) establishes students’ freedoms and protections as
well as expectations of appropriate behavior and ethical academic work. The handbook includes
items such as the Policy on Student Rights, the Policy on Student Conduct and the Academic
Integrity Policy.
exibility Statement: The instructor reserves the right to revise the class calendar, modify
content, and/or substitute assignments in response to institutional or inclement weather events.
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