Application must be completed in full. For information, or assistance completing this form, please contact the Public Service Representative
at the City of Victoria by phone at 250.361.0572 or by email at The completed form may be delivered in person
to the Development Centre at City Hall, submitted through, mailed to the address above or emailed to
Please be advised this document is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and access can be requested.
If you have an existing business licence, please enter your account # here and skip to Part B.
Account # ____________________________. (Please note you must hold a valid business licence to make application for a portable sign permit.)
If you are applying for your portable sign permit and your business licence at the same time please complete the following sections:
Business Address:
City: ______________________________________________________ Province: _______________________________________ Postal Code: ___________________________
Mailing Address (if different from above):
City: ______________________________________________________ Province: _______________________________________ Postal Code: ___________________________
Business Operating Name:
Business Phone: _______________________________________ Fax: _______________________________________ Cellular: _______________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________ Alternate Contact Name: ____________________________________ Phone: ___________________________
Location of Street Frontage (e.g. 600 block of Pandora): ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Sidewalk width (between Edge of street curb and Property Line) (must be at least 2.6m): _______________________________________________________
Sign dimensions (maximum permitted is 60 cm x 60 cm, 90 cm high): ____________________________________________________________________________
Arcades ONLY: (proof of ownership or permission from owner required)
I am the property owner, manager or owner’s agent and am applying for this sign on behalf of all tenants.
Documents required: (photocopies accepted)
Certificate of General Liability Insurance
Limits required not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence
Completion of this application does not guarantee approval of application. Approved licences will be issued only upon receipt of payment
of the appropriate portable sign permit application fee and annual use of public space charge. Placing a portable sign on public space
without a valid permit or contrary to the bylaw is an offence for which penalties are prescribed.
City of Victoria
Development Centre
1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC V8W 1P6
Portable Sign
Permit Application
T 250.361.0572
Portable Sign
Permit Application
City of Victoria
Development Centre
1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC V8W 1P6
T 250.361.0572 E
NOTE: In order for portable signs to be lawfully placed, a decal (issued with the permit once approved) must be visibly affixed to the
portable sign and the permit # written in the appropriate section. Portable signs placed without a properly affixed and identifiable decal
will be subject to fines according to Ticket Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw (No.5).
IMPORTANT: This information is being collected for the purpose of determining the applicant’s eligibility for a Portable Sign Permit in the
City of Victoria pursuant to its Bylaw(s). In providing this information, you have consented to its use for the above-described purpose
and declare that all the information provided herein is correct. This information may be shared with applicable City of Victoria departments
and related agencies for the purpose of required inspections and approval of this licence application. Applicant has read and agrees
to comply with the stated regulations and bylaws of the City of Victoria. Permits are effective from January 16 to January 15 of the following
year and are non-transferable, and the licence fee(s) paid are non-refundable. I understand I cannot lawfully place a portable sign on
public property until such time as a portable sign permit has been approved and issued and I have placed the portable sign permit decal
on my portable sign and written in the permit number.
Applicant’s Name (individual completing for m): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Applicants Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date Signed: __________________________________________ , 20_____
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