Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data
Name of Pool ______________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________
Pump System Flow
Pump Manufacturer ____________________Model Number _______________________________
Maximum Pump Flow (manufacturer’s specifications) _____________gallons per minute
Maximum Pumping System Flow is reduced to _____________ gpm based on:
Measured Total Dynamic Head loss of __________ feet;
Calculated Total Dynamic Head loss of __________ feet;
Magnetic flow meter reading of ___________gpm;
Automatic flow limiting valve factory set at ___________gpm
(Provide supporting evidence for flow reduction)
Drain Sump Measurements
Sump width: round _________inches diameter; rectangle ___________inches X ________inches
Sump minimum depth __________ inches Diameter of outlet pipe to pump ____________ inches
Distance of top (inside) of outlet pipe from bottom of cover/grate _____________ inches
Drain Cover/grate Data
Number of drains on same pumping system ________ Distance between drains (on centers) __________
Cover/grate manufacturer ___________________________, model _____________________________
Maximum flow rating of cover/grate __________ gpm (floor); __________gpm (wall)
Number of operable skimmer equalizers _______
Equalizer fitting Manufacturer _________________________ model _________________
Equalizer fitting maximum flow rating ____________________
Date drain cover/grate installed __________________________________________________________
Full name of person providing this information ____________________________________________
Signature ____________________________________________ Date _____________________________