Peer Mentoring Tutor Reference Form Malone Faculty
_____________________________________ has applied for a position as a Malone Peer Mentoring Tutor
for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please share your honest responses to the items below.
A Malone Peer Mentoring Tutor provides academic assistance to other Malone University students enrolled in
our undergraduate program. It is not tutoring for children in the local community.
Please return this completed evaluation to Jen Vannest in the Center for Student Success
Describe your relationship with the applicant? Classroom only Casual Close
List subject area(s) you believe this student could tutor: typical course requests are listed on the back:
Do you believe this student could provide general mentoring/study skill tutoring to a new freshman or
transfer student with an underprepared background (admitted on academic probation): _______________
Do you believe this student could relate as a tutor to a non-traditional adult student requesting assistance
in writing, basic algebra, and/or business statistics? _____ If yes, list applicable areas (from three listed): _________
Please check the boxes that indicate your observations of this student in each category:
Ability to listen
Ability to communicate
Academic competency
Study skills
Organizational skills
Sensitivity to others
Christian commitment
Respected by peers
Do you recommend the student for a part-time position as a Malone Peer Mentoring Tutor?
Recommend strongly Recommend Recommend with reservation Do not recommend
Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________
Printed name: ________________________________________
(Feel free to attach additional comments or observations if needed)
Typical subject areas for Malone peer mentoring/tutoring:
Accounting I and II
Anatomy and Physiology I and II
Basic Physiological Chemistry
Business Statistics
English / Literature in Society
General Biology I and II
General Chemistry I and II
General Physics I and II
Hebrews I and II
Intro to American Government and World Politics
Invertebrate/Vertebrate Zoology
Intro to Human Biology
Intro to Linguistics
Intro to Modern Logic
Intro to Philosophy
Intro to Psychology
Intro to Statistics PSYC/MATH 140
Intro to Theology
Math (Introductory Algebra through Calculus I)
Macro and Micro Economics
Music Theory I and II
Introduction to the Bible
Pathophysiology I and II
Psychology of Human Development
Social Work
World History I and II