Please read this entire document thoroughly. Failure to adhere to the
guidelines provided will lead to a denial of the request.
Late Refunds or Late Course Withdrawals:
Are rarely given and are not a guarantee
Must meet very specific conditions to be considered
Must be supported with thorough documentation (as described below)
Are not a guarantee simply because documentation is provided
Are reviewed by the Exception Appeals Committee with responses typically within 10-14 days
Requests are more likely to be considered if:
A lengthy student illness during the semester or medical emergency occurred. Students are
still expected to communicate with the instructor, if possible, and to make every effort to complete the
course(s) even through difficult medical circumstances. Documentation from a physician should be
signed by the physician on physician letterhead, include physician phone number, and include
statements and dates demonstrating the timeline of events that prevented the student from attending
class(es) for a substantial length of time, completing the semester, and/or prevented the student from
adhering to the usual withdrawal or refund procedures.
death of an immediate family member occurred (defined as parent, spouse, sibling or child).
Documentation that clearly indicates the relationship of the deceased to the student (death certificate,
obituary, or death notice) is required.
. Military Active Duty or Induction occurred. Students must submit copies of orders that clearly
indicate the date of deployment.
An o
bvious registration or billing error occurred for which the student should not be responsible.
The student’s ability to attend classes for a substantial length of time was interrupted, and
because of this, the success of the student in the course could not be arranged with the instructor,
though significant effort was made by the student.
The students ability to complete the semester was interrupted, and because of this, the success
of the student in the course could not be arranged with the instructor, though significant effort was
made by the student.
Requests are more likely to fail if:
It demonstrates a lack of attentiveness toward the school’s Add/Drop deadline.
It demonstrates an inability to work with the instructor to be successful in the course.
It has a lack of documentation that support the circumstances.
It only strives to prevent a poor grade.
It does not meet one of the aforementioned reasons stated above (e.g., loss of a job, transfer of a job,
change in living situation are examples of reasons that do not warrant a refund)
Before completing this form to request either a Late Refund or Late Course
Withdrawal, SMC expects that a student would:
Make every effort to adhere to the Add/Drop Deadline for courses. The Add/Drop Deadline when
utilized properly guarantees the student a 100% refund of all tuition and fees. Simply failing to meet
this deadline will produce a denial of the refund request.
o The Add/Drop deadline for each semester is:
1 week for all semester-length and early-end courses (courses that meet for the first 7-
8 weeks of the semester)
1 day for all late-start courses (courses that meet for the 2nd 7-8 weeks of the term)
Before the 1st class meeting for all courses that meet on an irregular basis.
Make every effort possible, regardless of the personal/life circumstances/health issues, to remain in
classes and to be successful in those classes.
Make every effort to communicate and work closely with the instructor in order to ensure success in the
courses in the face of personal/life circumstances/health issues.
Important Information about your request:
Requests are to be completed by students prior to the last day of classes for the semester in question.
Requests of a previous semester will be immediately denied. Requests can be made by a family
member if the student is incapacitated.
Requests for a refund are only to be made after withdrawing from the course(s). Refunds are not given
or considered for students still enrolled in courses.
Decisions are communicated to the student via email after the committee’s meeting.
Requests are not to be considered as automatically approved even though an advisor, instructor,
representative of the school, or friend may lead the student to believe that it should be approved. The
Exception Appeals Committee has the final verdict.
Common Questions and Answers (Q&A)
Q: Can I request a late withdrawal or refund during the 45-day incomplete contract time that I established with
my instructor?
A: The 45-day incomplete contract time is considered an extension of the semester. So from that
standpoint, yes you can. However, there should be evidence or documentation that during this 45-day
contract time, significant other events occurred which prohibited the student’s success in the course.
Merely wanting to avoid the poor grade and failing to communicate with the instructor during this time
will lead to a failed request.
Q: I have on-going medical issues that come and go and cause interruption in my ability to perform
consistently in my courses. Can I get a late withdrawal or refund when I have these flare-ups”?
A: If you register for courses and are past the Add/Drop date, then you should first strive to be
successful in your courses. You would need to provide significant documentation during the current
semester to indicate that the “flare-ups” that you experienced had a significant, long-term impact on
your ability to complete the semester successfully.
Q: I am not happy with the quality of instruction that I am receiving in my course and want a refund. Can I
get one?
A: A student’s dissatisfaction with the quality of instruction is not rationale to use for this process. Do
not complete the Request for Exception for a Late Refund or Late Withdrawal Form. Instead, if you feel
strongly about this and have tried your best to work with the instructor to be successful in the course
and have failed to do so, then you are encouraged to make an appointment with the Dean to express
any dissatisfaction that you may have.
Q: I have a medical condition or have had a medical emergency and cannot come to campus to complete the
forms, what should I do?
A: Contact your advisor in either the First Year Experience Office or the Academic Advising Resource
Center via email expressing your wish to withdraw from your course(s). He/she can complete the
course withdrawal form on your behalf because of your inability to come to campus. However, it is your
responsibility to understand the potential financial impact to you for each course withdrawal. The
Request for Exception for a Late Refund or Late Withdrawal Form, however, must be hand-delivered,
scanned, faxed, or emailed directly to the Records Office by the student (or by the parent/guardian if
the student is incapacitated).
Request for Exception for a Late Refund or a Late Withdrawal (W Grade)
Students must file their request for exception prior to the last day of class in the semester in question.
Complete and sign this form. Attach the required supporting documentation to this form
and submit to the
Records and Registration Office (College Services Building, Room 1106).
Student Name: ___________________________________ Student ID: _____________________
Daytime Telephone _______________________
Please indicate the semester and year for which you are appealing:
Fall ________ 6SULQJ________ SXPPHU________
Please list the class(es) for which you are appealing and the resolution that you seek:
Course/Class Name
Example: Principles of Accounting
Course Number
Example: ACCO 201
Please select one option:
Late Withdrawal (No refund)
Retake Credit (Not available
to Financial Aid Students)
Please provide information that will help the committee understand the reason for your appeal: (Add additional
pages if needed.)
I have reviewed the information contained in this document and understand the implications of my request. I
understand that changes in my registration may also affect enrollment certifications that Southwestern Michigan
College provides concerning my insurance, student loans, etc. I also understand the financial aid implications (if
Student Signature_______________________________________________________ Date ________________
For Office Use Only
Date Request Received: ___________________ Received by: ___________________________
Appeal Form Refund and Withdrawal 4/2/09; revised 12/4/09; revised 1/21/10