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Plat Application
Proposed Number of Lots: __
Gross Acres:
Existing Zoning:
Proposed Zoning:
Existing Use: _______ Proposed Use:
Application Requirements: The applicant is required to submit sufficient information that describes and justifies the proposal.
See appropriate checklist and fee schedule for minimum requirements. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
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Applicant’s Status:
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Property Owner: Company:
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Ownership Status: (check one) Individual Trust Partnership Corporation
(Letter of authorization required if signature is other than property owner)
The property owner must sign the application or submit a notarized letter of authorization.
Rev: 06/19
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Preliminary Plat
Final Plat
Plat Application Checklist
INSTRUCTIONS The Planning & Zoning Department reviews each plat application on the items in the following
checklists and on the requirements of the Bedford Development Code. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize
themselves with the requirements of the Code, and are encouraged to meet with a Planning & Zoning and/or
Engineering staff member to determine the extent of plans needed for review. Copies of the Bedford Development Code
are available free of charge at
The following items must be submitted with this application, the following checklist, and the plat drawings:
RELIMINARY DRAINAGE ANALYSIS (preliminary plat application only)
Please contact Public Works at 817-952-2200 to determine the following requirements:
Tree survey or recent aerial photograph (if new public street is proposed)
Original tax certificates from Tarrant County and Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD (due at time of approval)
A. Plat Drawing Requirements
Every plat application must be accompanied by a plat drawing and supporting documents, which may include
engineering construction plans, drainage studies, traffic impact analyses and aerial photographs. All subdivision plat
drawings shall contain the following information, where applicable.
1. Owner / Subdivi
der - The names and addresses of the subdivider and the current owner of record.
2. Surveyor Name - The name, address
, telephone number, and seal of the Texas Registered Professional Land
Surveyor r
esponsible for the plat.
3. Sub
division Name - If the land to be platt
ed is within an existing subdivision, the plat may take the name of the
existing s
ubdivision, subject to the approval of the City. The name of the proposed subdivision shall be clearly
shown with large letters and shall not be a duplication of any existing subdivision name, whether by spelling or
pronunciation, to any other subdivision within the City. Preceding the name of the subdivision shall be a Title
Block indicating whether the plat is a Preliminary Plat, Final Plat, Replat, Minor Plat or Amending Plat.
Location Map - A location map showing the tract by reference to streets or highways.
5. Date - The date the plat was prepared.
Scale & North Arrow - The plat shall be prepared at a scale no greater than one (1) inch equals one hundred
(100) feet. A graphic scale symbol shall be placed on the drawing with a north arrow indicating the
approximate true north.
Subdivision Boundary Lines - The subdivision boundary lines shall be known in the heavy lines to provide a
differentiation with the internal features of the area being proposed for platting. The location and dimensions of
all boundary lines of the property shall be expressed to the nearest hundredth foot.
Metes and Bounds Description - A written metes and bounds description of the property shall be shown on the
plat and be capable of reproducing such lines upon the ground with a closure error of
less than 1:25,000. The
legal description shall include reference to an original survey or subdivision corner, and the Texas NAD83 State
Plane Coordinate System. The legal description shall include the acreage of the total area of the proposed
subdivision and be consistent with the subdivision boundary. The legal description shall contain information to
show the last instrument conveying title to each parcel of property involved in the proposed subdivision, giving
grantor, grantee, date, and land records reference.
City of
00 Forest Ridge Dr.
TX 76021
Ten (10) FOLDED, NOT STAPLED, (24”x 36”) copies of the plat drawing with the title block facing out
Ten (10) copies (11” x 17”) of the plat drawing
One (1) electronic copy (PDF) of all submittal documents
Application Fee: The Plat application fee is $100.00, plus $25.00 per lot; and a plat filing fee of $75.00 (replat
and final plat applications only). The application fee is NOT REFUNDABLE to the owner/applicant regardless of
the action taken by the Planning & Zoning Commission on the requested plat
Adjacent Properties - All property lines, streets and easements on lands immediately adjacent to and
contiguous with the perimeter of the proposed subdivision and extending one hundred (100) feet shall be
shown with the names of the owners as shown on the most current Tax Assessor's files; if the adjacent
properties are platted, the names of adjoining subdivisions and the names of adjoining streets are to be shown.
The plat or deed recording information shall be shown.
Street Rights-of-Way - The width of all public street rights-of-way shall be shown on the plat. The general
location and width shall be consistent with the Bedford Development Code. Dimensions shall be shown for all
curves. The distance from the centerline of any existing roadway of a boundary street to the proposed subdivision
shall be shown to determine the adequacy of right-of-way along the route and to determine if additional right-of-
way is necessary to accommodate the proposed street. Curvilinear streets are encouraged.
Permanent Structures - The location and general outline of any existing permanent structures with sufficient
dimensions to determine building line encroachments. Any permanent structures that will remain after
completion of the development which encroach any building setback lines shall be shown on the drawing with
appropriate dimensions.
Building Set-back Lines - Front building set-back lines shall be indicated by dashed lines on all lots in
accordance with the requirements of the applicable zoning district. Side yard building set-back lines shall be
indicated by dashed lines on the side yards of lots with side street frontage. Additional building setback may be
required by the City. Existing building setback lines on adjacent properties shall be shown, where applicable.
13. City Limit Lines - The location of the city limit boundaries of the City of Bedford and any adjacent city shall
shown on the plat.
Easements - The location and dimension of all existing or proposed easements shall be shown on the plat
indicating the specific purpose. Easements for the use of public utilities of not less than seven and one-half
(7.5') feet in width shall be provided along each side of all rear property lines. If necessary for the extension of
water or sewer mains, storm drainage or other utilities, easements of greater width may be required along lot
lines or across large lots. Easements shall connect with easements already established on adjoining properties
or extend to connect with a public right-of-way. All easements shall be noted as “drainage and utility
Lot and Block Numbering - All lots and blocks shall be consecutively numbered or lettered in alphabetical
order. The blocks in subdivisions bearing the same name shall be numbered or lettered consecutively through
the several sections or phases. Lettering for blocks shall be larger and bolder than lot numbers or circled to
make identification clear. Any lot or block which is planned as an ‘out-parcel’ shall be numbered and
designated on the plat with notation regarding any development restrictions.
Sheet Size - Map sheets shall not exceed twenty-four by thirty-six (24"x 36") inches or eighteen by twenty-four
(18" x 24") inches, with a binding margin of not less than one and one-half inches on the left side of the sheets.
Sheets shall be numbered in sequence if more than one (1) sheet is used and an index sheet provided with
match lines.
Plat Notes and Conditions - When appropriate, the plat shall contain a listing of any Plat Notes and Plat
Conditions in a readily identifiable location with each note numbered consecutively.
18. Public Use Areas - The location and dimensions of all property proposed to be set aside for public use or
ommon reservation shall be shown on the plat drawing.
Street Names - All street names shall be shown on the plat. New street names shall be sufficiently different in
sound and in spelling from other street names in the city. The continuation of an existing street shall bear the
same name.
Phasing of Plats - The plat drawing shall indicate any phasing of the proposed subdivision. Plats of
subsequent phases shall conform to the approved overall layout and phasing, unless a revised Preliminary Plat
is submitted and approved.
Lot Dimensions - The approximate dimensions of all lots shall be shown on a Preliminary Plat, and the exact
dimension shown on all other plats with accuracy to one-hundredth of one foot. The dimensions shall be
sufficient to verify compliance with the minimum requirements of the applicable zoning district.
Flood Plain Features - The location of the 100-year flood limits, if applicable, shall be shown on the plat and
contained within a drainage easement. If the subdivision, or a portion thereof, is located in the 100-year flood-
prone area, the developer will be required to comply with the Subdivision Regulations Ordinance, located within
the Bedford Development Codes. Any lots adjacent to the flood plain shall show the minimum finished floor
23. Irregular Side Lot Lines - Side lot lines which are not perpendicular to the street right-of-way shall be indicated
th bearing and distance.
24. Lot Areas - The area for each lot expressed in square feet shall be shown on the plat.
25. Signature Blocks All plats shall contain the appropriate certification blocks.
B. Additional Supporting Documents for Subdivision Plat Applications
ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION PLANS AND DRAINAGE STUDY - All construction plans for proposed public water, sanitary
sewer, streets, drainage and traffic improvements shall be designed, signed, sealed and dated by a Registered
Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Texas. Plans must include the elements detailed in the Subdivision
Regulations Ordinance, located in the Bedford Development Code.
PRELIMINARY UTILITY PLANS AND DRAINAGE ANALYSIS (Preliminary Plats only) - The preliminary utility plan shall indicate
the general location and approximate sizes of all existing and proposed public utilities. The Preliminary Drainage
Analysis shall be prepared by a Registered Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Texas and shall contain
drainage calculations. The size of all proposed water and sanitary sewer lines and the contents of the drainage
analysis shall include the elements contained in Chapter 2 of the Bedford Development Code.
TREE SURVEY OR AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH - A tree survey or recent aerial photograph showing the general coverage of trees
on the property. Where trees are proposed for removal, the subdivider shall submit a tree replacement plan. See
Chapter 7 Tree Preservation Ordinance of the Bedford Development Code.
SURVEYOR CLOSURE NOTES - The Final Plat shall be accompanied by one set of closure notes for the boundary of the
subdivision. The closure error shall be less than 1:25,000.
OFFICIAL TAX CERTIFICATES - Applications for final plats, replats, minor plats and amending plats must include official
tax certificates from the City, School District, and Tarrant County. The certificates must show that all city, county and
school taxes on the land being subdivided are paid to the current year. Certificates from Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD
include city and school tax information. Certificates from Tarrant County include county, junior college and hospital
district tax information. No subdivision plat will be processed in which the property being considered for development
has delinquent taxes due. State law also requires that these tax certificates be recorded with the plat. The County
Clerk’s Office will not accept a plat for recording that shows that delinquent taxes are owed.
Waiver from Section 212.009: The Texas Local Government Code requires that the municipal authority responsible for
approving plats must take action on a plat within thirty (30) days of the plat application being accepted. A plat is considered
approved by the municipal authority unless it is disapproved within that period. Because 30 days is generally not enough
time for a plat to be processed by City Staff and forwarded to the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval, a waiver
for this section has been provided on the plat application form. If the waiver on the plat application is not signed, then it is
likely that the plat will be forwarded to the Planning and Zoning Commission with a staff recommendation of denial within 30
days of the application being accepted. The waiver must be signed by the property owner or by the property owner’s
designee as noted on a letter of authorization.
I certify that the above information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and ability and that I am now
will be fully prepared to present the above proposal before the Planning & Zoning Commission and City
Council. I
understand that it is my responsibility to have the Applicant, Owner or other authorized agent present at
the Planning
and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings.
Applicant Representative
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