Temporary Use Application
Outdoor SeatingCOVID 19
Application Date:
Temporary Use Address:
Restaurant Name:
Application Fee: None
Please complete the application and provide the materials indicated below and submit to the Director of
Planning and Development, Town of Firestone at tbjerkaas@firestoneco.gov or to 151 Grant Avenue,
Firestone, CO 80520
Applicant’s Name:
Applicant’s Address:
City, State, Zip:
Phone: Email:
On-site Phone Number: On-Site Manager Name:
If Applicant is not the property owner complete the following information:
Owner Name:
Owner Address:
City, State, Zip: Owner Phone:
Owner Email:
Temporary Use Start/End Date: /
Submit the following along with application:
rovide a written narrative description of the Temporary Use Outdoor Seating to include: size and location of
outdoor seating area/expansion: furniture, structures, equipment, and cooking facilities that will be in temporary
outdoor seating area; the combined number of proposed seating indoor and outdoor (modified for COVID-19)
ours of outdoor seating; will outdoor lighting and electrical be extended to serve proposed temporary outdoor
seating; and access of restroom facilities for outdoor seating patrons.
Site plan of property showing: pathways, parking, driveways, landscape areas, identify limits of outdoor seating
including egress/ingress, fences, barriers, signs, trash receptacles, chairs, tables, tents, registers, temporary
structures, etc. as well as routes between outdoor dining area and restaurant. Use of colors or symbols to identify
features is acceptable.
Owner authorizes use of outdoor seating area as indicated on the attached site plan.
Owner Signature: Date:
The Applicant understands that this is an application only, that it must be approved, and that any required building
permits must be obtained before the property may be used in accordance to this request and is subject to conditions
as determined by the Director of Planning and Development. The Applicant further acknowledges that the above
information is correct. By signing this application, the Applicant certifies that he/she or his/her consultants have read
the regulations attached and will prepare application materials consistent with those documents.
Applicant Signature: Date:
For Office Use:
Date Received:
Zoning of Property:
Reviewed by:
Town of Firestone
151 Grant Ave. / PO Box 100
Firestone, CO 80520
Fax 303-833-4863
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Town of Firestone, Planning and Development Department
151 Grant Avenue, PO Box 100, Firestone, CO 80520
Version 05/30/2020
Temporary Use Application
Outdoor Seating - COVID 19 Regulations
Outdoor Seating/Outdoor Seating Expansion shall:
a. Be conducted on property with the appropriate non-residential zoning.
b. Be accessory to an existing and licensed restaurant/bar. Shall be on same or adjacent property to restaurant/bar.
c. Not be located in rights-of-way or on Town Property.
d. Not be located in such a way to block, obstruct or interfere with accessible parking and paths of travel, fire lanes,
travel lanes, or minimum width pedestrian ways on or adjacent to the property. This includes other associated
items such as signs, trash receptacles, chairs, tables, etc.
e. Meet all state and county health requirements and obtain applicable permits.
f. Receive written authorization by the property owner(s) on which the seating is located and shall provide such
written authorization to the Town. The authorization may be by signature on the Temporary Use Outdoor
Seating application or separate letter or email from the owner granting authorization of use of property as
indicated on site plan.
Provide a sketch on the existing, approved Final Development Plan for property which shows:
a. The limits of the outdoor seating area including fencing, barriers, etc.
b. Locations of signs, trash receptacles, chairs, tables, tents, registers, containers, temporary structures, etc.
c. Locations of egress/ingress to the outdoor seating area.
d. Routes to and from the restaurant to the outdoor seating area.
Provide a written narrative which describes:
a. The size and location of the outdoor seating area/expansion.
b. Furniture, structures, equipment, cooking facilities, etc. included in the operation of the outdoor seating area.
c. The combined total seating of the modified interior and new/expanded outdoor seating.
d. Hours of operation of the outdoor seating area including, when applicable, lighting and electrical for
evening/nighttime use.
e. Access to restroom facilities for outdoor seating patrons.
Submittal and Review Process:
Applicant shall submit application, narrative, and site plan as indicated on the application to the Town of Firestone,
Director of Planning and Development. The material will be reviewed by the Planning and Development Department
staff, and applicable building and fire service. Approval of proposed outdoor seating will be issued by the Director of
Planning and Development and may include conditions that shall be addressed before the outdoor seating area may be
open to customers.