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1400 North Boulevard Tampa, FL 33607
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REV 01/27/20
The City of Tampa requires registration for all Private Providers before commencing
work. Private Providers are responsible for keeping registration records current.
Note: If the notice applies to either private plan review or private inspection services, the Building
Official may require, at his or her discretion, the private provider is used for both services pursuant
to Section 553.791(15) (b) Florida Statute.
Private Provider Registration Form
Employment Affidavit for Duly Authorized Representative(s) (DAR).
Private Provider Agreement
Copy of Florida license for the business entity. Screen print from DBPR website is
Copy of the Professional Licenses for each of the DAR personnel regulated by
Florida Statutes chapter 481 (Architects), chapter 471 (Engineers), and chapter
486, Part XII (Building Code Administrators and Inspectors).
Screen print from the
DBPR website is acceptable.
Copy of Occupational License
Certificates of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation and General Liability as
required by FS 440.02(8) and FS 553.791(16), respectively.