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Florida State Statute 553.791 (Alternative Plans Review and Inspection) authorizes a fee owner to elect the use
of a Private Provider for plans review and/or required building inspection services. It covers the rights and
responsibilities of the fee owner, the Private Provider, and the local Building Official/Building Code Enforcement
Documentation required with building permit application submittal*
Notice to Building Official - Principal document required for the official election to use a Private
Provider and will specify if the Private Provider will perform the services of plan review and/or
DAR Personnel Identification - Document identifies all of the Private Provider’s Duly Authorized
Representatives (DAR) who will be utilized on a specific project. It shall contain the numbers of
the current licenses that he/she holds to perform the specified type of work on the project, the
responsibility that the DAR will have for the specific project, along with contact phone number
and email address. This form is to be filled out for each DAR.
Plan Compliance Affidavit (required only if Private Provider is handling plan review) - Principal
document used to confirm that the Private Provider has performed the required plans reviews and
has approved those plans for code compliance under the allowable scope per FS 553.791. The
submission of an executed affidavit and a copy of the approved set of building plans is a pre-requisite
to the issuance of a permit. Note that this form is required for each submittal and if applicable, each
resubmittal (response to corrective comments), and revisions (changes to scope of work).
Contact Reference Form - Form identifies the primary contact information for the Private Provider to
which City staff can refer client inquiries regarding specific project details such as plan review and
inspection comments/interpretations.
FEMA Substantial Improvement Package (if applicable) As a participant in the National Flood
Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS), the City of Tampa will continue to
perform the Under Construction FEMA Elevation Certificate Check inspection and review the Final
FEMA Elevation Certificate on projects that are in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).
Construction documents being submitted as part of the private provider packet shall have a stamp or
notice of review of the private provider on the cover page of all submitted drawings.
IMPORTANT: The City of Tampa Construction Services Division is unique among its contemporaries in that the plans review and
inspection processes include not only the building and trade disciplines governed by the Florida Building Code, but also zoning,
site and fire components under other codes or local ordinances. As such, the City of Tampa will continue to conduct plans review
and inspections on all elements not regulated by the FBC.
Planning & Development
1400 North Boulevard Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 274-3100
REV 01/29/20
*Note: If the Private Provider will only be performing inspectional services, the Notice to Building Official and Personnel
Directory should ideally be submitted at permit application; however, FS 553.791(4) allows for submittal no less than two (2)
business days prior to the first scheduled inspection by the local Building Official or Building Code Enforcement Agency.
Documentation and steps required for inspections
Inspections Checklist - Prior to performing any required inspections, the Private Provider shall
serve notice to the Building Official by scheduling an inspection in the Accela system no later than
2:00 PM on the preceding day (FS 553.791(9).
Inspection Reports - The inspection reports must include specific criteria. Refer to
Inspection Report Checklist for specific information.
Documentation and steps required for Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion
(applicable only if Private Provider performed inspections)
Certificate of Compliance must be submitted as outlined in FS 553.791(11). This document is notarized,
signed, and sealed by the professional in charge of the Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) to affirm
that all required inspections were performed as per Code and the approved construction drawings.
Submit summary document of all completed inspections performed by each Duly Authorized
Representative (DAR), organized by discipline (building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and
contain all inspection reports and results (approved, partially approved, or disapproved). A
comprehensive Final Inspection Report must be uploaded directly into the Accela permit record.
Important note:
All applicable fire safety inspections must be performed by City staff and approved/final.
All applicable site inspections must be performed by City staff and approved/final.
All applicable fees must be paid.
Any ancillary documents and/or government approvals applicable to the scope of work must be
uploaded into the Accela permit record and available on-site (i.e., Commercial Pool Operating Permit,
Termite Certificate, Blower Door Test).
Fees for qualified Private Provider projects will reflect a 30% reduction from the standard building permit fees
based upon the services performed by a Private Provider (plan review, inspections or both). The fee reduction
will be calculated after the application has been filed and accepted by the City as a Private Provider project.
Additional information can be found on the Private Provider webpage at Private Providers.
If you have any questions, please call (813) 274-3100.
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