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1400 North Boulevard Tampa, FL 33607
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REV 01/23/20
Changes to the originally approved Private Provider Firm or services shall be noticed to the
Building Official within one business day after any change. Note that the new Private Provider
firm and its DAR’s must be duly registered with the City of Tampa in order for the change to be
authorized. 553.791(4)
Change of Private Provider Firm and/or Services to Alternate Private Providers Firm/Services
Submit Notice to Building Official Change of Private Provider Firm and/or Services. Must be
submitted within one business day.
Change from Private Provider to City of Tampa
In the event that the Fee Owner of Property intends to revert from a Private Provider to the City
of Tampa for any services including plan review and inspections the following documents shall
be required:
Notice to Building Official Change of Private Provider Firm and/or Services.
Official log of all completed inspections performed by each DAR of existing provider,
organized by discipline, containing all inspection reports and results.
A Certificate of Compliance must be submitted as outlined in FS 553.791(11). This affidavit is
notarized, signed, and sealed by the professional in charge of the DAR (of existing provider)
to affirm that all inspections performed by existing provider are as per Code and the approved
construction drawings. It will include the following statement, as outlined in FS 553.791(11):
To the best of my knowledge and belief, the building components and site improvements outlined herein
and inspected under my authority have been completed in conformance with the approved plans and the
applicable codes.
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