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Shipper Provided Short Form Original
Bill of Lading - Non Negotiable
* not available in all service areas
Shipper's Name
At point of Pick Up
City Prov.-State
Consignee At point of Delivery
City Prov.-State
see charge to
Charge to - for Invoice (if not the same as indicated above for P/U or delivery address)
Address or P.O Box No.
City Prov.-State
* not available in all service areas
Customs Broker
Special Instructions
Shipper's/Consigner's Signature Driver's Signature
Consignee's Signature
Date Date Date
Postal Code - Zip Code
Shipper's Number or B.O.L Number
Purchase Order No.
a) No carrier is liable for loss, damage or delay to any goods carried under the Bill of Lading unless notice thereof setting out particulars of the origin, destination and date of shipment of the goods and the estimated amount claimed in respect of
such loss, damage or delay is given in writing to the originating carrier or the delivering carrier within sixty (60) days after the delivery of the goods, or, in the case of failure to make delivery, within nine (9) months from the date of shipment. b)
The final statement of the claim must be filed within nine (9) months from the date of shipment together with a copy of the paid freight bill.
Carriers are not liable for goods shipped at 'Shipper's Risk', 'Shipper's Load & Count' and/or if not properly packaged or crated. The agreed value for commodities crated or otherwise of glass and/or fragile goods, commodities of granite, marble
or stone in dimensions greater than 12" x 12" x 12", personal effects and/or used goods does not exceed $0.10 per pound based on actual weight.
Number of feet used
% Cube of Trailer
Actual Dimensions
Funds Type (check one only)
C.O.D. Collection Fee
Seal Numbers
Trailer Number
I hereby declare that the contents of this consignment are fully and accurately described by the proper shipping name, are properly classified and packaged, have dangerous goods safety marks properly affixed or displayed on them, and are in all
respects in proper condition for transport according to the ‘Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations” and the certification set out in section 172.204 of 49 CFR.
Received subject to the Classification and lawfully filed Tariffs in effect on the date of issue of this Bill of Lading, from the consignor mentioned herein, the propery herein described, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition
of contents of package unknown), marked, consigned and destined as indicated herein, which the carrier aggrees to carry and to deliver to the consignee at the said destination, if on its own authorised route, or otherwise to cause to be carried by
another carrier on route to said destination.
In using this Short Form Bill of Lading, the Shipper, Consignee and Holder hereof agree that all the terms and conditions of Carrier's regular Long/Short form Bill of Lading, normally used in the service for which this Bill of Lading is issued, are
incorporated herein with like force and effect as if they were written at length herein, and all such terms and conditions so incorporated by reference are agreed by the Shipper to be binding and govern in the relations, whatever they may be,
between all who are or may become parties to this Bill of Lading as fully as if this Bill of Lading had been prepared on the Carrier's regular Long/Short form Bill of Lading.
It is acknowledged by all parties having an interest in this shipment that the specifications, conditions and restrictions of the form shown in Schedule II of the Trucking Regulation (Q.C. 47-48, January 13, 1993) are hereby accepted, incorporated
and applicable to the present contract of carriage as if written herein at length.
Declared Valuation -
WEB Reference Number
Maximum liability of ($2.00 per pound) /
$4.41 per kg; unless declared valuation
states otherwise.
UN Number, Shipping Name, Primary Class, Subsidiary Class(es), Packing Group
Freight Charges
Shipper shall be responsible for charges on all freight collect and 3rd party
shipments for which the carrier does not get paid.
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Postal Code - Zip Code
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