Document Name: Photo Signature Form
Photo/Signature Form
ALL applicants must complete this form.
Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Surname Given Name(s)
CPSA Tracking #: _________________________________
1. Signature:
Sign digitally in the signature box above OR
Print the form, sign and upload
Note: Ensure your full signature appears completely within the lines of the box.
2. Photograph:
Click on photo box above to upload photo
Ensure your photograph meets all requirements outlined below.
Photograph must be current (taken within the past six (6) months)
Photograph must be color (black & white photos are not accepted)
Photograph must be passport-size (50 mm (2 inches) wide by 70 mm (2 3/4 inches) long)
Photograph must be passport-quality (focused; full-face and contrasting background - light
backgrounds work best.)
Note: Unacceptable photographs will render a candidate’s application incomplete
Note: Photo must be 50 mm
(2 inches) wide by 70 mm (2
3/4 inches) long
(Signature must stay completely within the lines)
click to sign
click to edit
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