Updated: JH-4/8/20
Petition to Repeat a Course
Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Las Positas College
California Title V Regulations, as amended, determine the conditions and processes related to repetition, enrollment, and apportionment limits at California Community Colleges. An
“Enrollment” occurs when a student receives an evaluative OR non-evaluative symbol on their official transcript per section 55023 (A,B,C,D,F,FW,P,NP,NC,CR OR W,I,IP,RD,MW). Only a
Military Withdrawal (MW) does not count toward enrollment.” Unless a course is noted as “repeatable” officially, the student who receives a satisfactory grade (C,CR, or higher) cannot
repeat the course, unless an exemption applies per section 55042 (b). If a student receives a sub-standard grade and/or withdraws from the course, the student is allowed to enroll in that course
TWO more times (for a total maximum of THREE enrollments) per section 58161. California Title V Regulations specify the circumstances under which a student may repeat a course per
sections 55040-55045. This document is required for approval of repetitions beyond the limits noted in California Title V Regulations.
Student Name: ___________________________________ Student ID Number W_________________________
E-Mail Contact: __________________________________ Phone Contact: _________________________________
I hereby request approval to repeat (enter course abbreviation and number) _____________ for the (enter number) ______ time. My
previous enrollments resulted in the following grade entries for the terms indicated:
____ grade in ____term ____grade in ____ term ____ grade in ____ term ____ grade in ____ term
The basis for the Petition to Repeat is indicated below (check one AND attach documentation to support your petition request):
Significant Lapse of Time (per 55043 & 55003) campus recency pre-requisite for ________________________
Significant Lapse of Time (per 55043 & 55003) another institution of higher education for _________________
Extenuating Circumstances (per 55045) previous grade resulted from verified extenuating cases of accidents, illness, or
other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Describe below the accident, illness, or circumstance beyond your
control and attach documentation which supports the extenuating circumstance:
Special Course Repetition (per 55050 and 56029) student with a disability repeating a special class for students with
disabilities based on an individualized determination that such repetition is required as a disability-related accommodation for
that student.
Extraordinary Conditions [per 55024(a)(10)] one of previous three enrollments noted on student transcript resulted due to
fire, flood, or other extraordinary conditions (per 55024 & 58509) OR if the District was unable to keep the college open for
at least 175 days due to fire, flood, epidemic, emergency created by war, or other major safety hazards (per 58146).
Legally Mandated Training [per 55041(b) & 58161(c)(1)] necessary to meet legally mandated training requirements as a
condition of paid or volunteer employment for _____________________________________________________________
Military Withdrawal [per 55024(d)(1)] student on active or reserve duty in U.S. Military received orders compelling
withdrawal. Upon verification of orders, enrollment does NOT count in maximum number of enrollments nor withdrawals.
Portion of Variable Unit Open Entry/Open Exit Credit Course (per 55044) enrollment required to complete ONE TIME the
entire curriculum of the variable unit course as descried in the course outline of record. May NOT repeat any portion of the
course, unless it is a) legally mandated, b) a special class for students with disabilities, c) justified by extenuating
circumstances above, or d) to alleviate substandard work recorded for that portion of the variable unit course.
Cooperative Work Experience [per 58161 (c)(4) & 55252] enrollment in a cooperative work experience course.
Student Signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________________
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Petition Approved Petition Denied
Rationale Provided: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Dean Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________
Admissions & Records Apportionment?
Dean Signature: _____________________________ Yes No
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