Petition for the Admission of a Minor (16/17 year old)
Application Instructions
Section A must be completed by applicant’s parents/guardians.
Section B must be completed by the school Principal or his/her designee with the
drop date or ofcial withdrawal form (drop date required) in lieu of the Principal’s sig-
Section C must be completed by a Notary Public (do not sign until you appear in front
of the Notary).
Section D must be completed by the School Superintendent or his/her designee (see
instructions on form).
Schedule a Meeting with a College Official
Call Deb Sikes at (910) 695- 3777 to schedule an appointment.
The Petition for the Admission of a Minor form must be completed in its entirety prior
to the scheduling of the appointment.
At least one parent/guardian and the minor applicant must be present at the meeting.
Required Items for the Meeting
completed and notarized Petition for the Admission of a Minor form
minor’s birth certicate
minor’s picture ID
minor’s Social Security card
parent(s)/guardians picture ID
guardian’s documentation to proof legal guardianship
Deb Sikes
High School Equivalency Cheif Administrator
113A Van Dusen Hall
(910) 695-3777
Section B
College and Career Readiness
Parent/Guardian Petition for the Admission of a Minor (16/17 years old) Application
Full name Social Security # Date of Birth
Street/PO City State
Zip Code
Official GED Testing Center where the minor applicant wishes to be tested is located at: Sandhills Community College
If the minor has been out of school less than six (6) months, then this section must be
completed by school official(s) having legal jurisdiction over minor. Official withdrawal form with drop date required
in lieu of principal’s signature.
I certify that the above minor left the public school, of which I am principal, on
Signature of Principal of last school attended Name of School Date
This section must be completed in the presence of a Notary Public by the parent, guardian,
or other person or agency having legal custody or control of the minor.
I, , being the parent or court-appointed guardian of the above minor,
do hereby petition the above named official GED Testing Center to administer the GED tests to the above minor. I
hereby certify that the place of residence, date of birth, and the date on which the minor applicant officially dropped
out of school are correct as stated above. I authorize the sharing of information between Sandhills Community
College and the local public schools.
Signature of parent or legal guardian Date
Subscribed and sworn before me this day of , 20
Signature of Notary Public
Date Commission Expires
If the date the student expects to take the GED tests is less than six (6) months from the date he/she
withdrew from public school, this section must be completed by the superintendent of the school unit in
which the above minor resides.
As Superintendent of the school unit in which the above name individual resides, I hereby waive any or all the six
months waiting period. I understand that once the individual attains a passing score in compliance with Section
4E.0403 of the North Carolina Administrative Code, a high school diploma equivalency certificate will be issued by
the North Carolina State Board of Education and that there are no provisions whereby an individual’s certificate may
be withheld until his high school class has graduated, until he/she reaches his/her eighteenth birthday, or for other
Signature of Superintendent Name of School Date
It shall be the policy of the State Board of Education and the Community College System to encourage young people to complete high
school rather than seek testing for the High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate, N.C. Administrative Code 4E.0404 (c) (4).
Section A
Section C
Section D