Juneau Campus
Registrar’s Office
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801
Tel: (907) 796-6100
Fax: (907) 796-6365
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Semester Petition Applies: Campus:
Spring semester 20_____ Juneau
Summer semester 20 _____ Ketchikan
Fall semester 20 _____ Sitka
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Address City State Zip
Day Phone Degree Major
I request to (what would you like to see happen?):
Justification (please type justification on a separate sheet if needed and attach supporting documentation):
Student Signature Date
Only requests submitted by the student or by a person with legal authority to act on behalf of the student will be considered. By
signing this document you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines for submitting a petition.
For complete rules and guidelines visit the academic catalog for refund petitions at http://catalog.uas.alaska.edu/fees-
Optional Signatures of Support (Instructor, Advisor, Dean)
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Name:_____________________________ UAID#_______________________
Initial Guidelines
The deadline to submit a petition is no later than one academic year following the semester in which the course
was offered. Requests received beyond the deadline will only be considered under special circumstances.
The decision of the petition committee will be emailed using the address provided as long as it matches the email
on file, otherwise the university issued email will be used.
Please email a copy of the decision to my ________ at the following email address:_____________________
s will be made solely on the supporting documentation provided. In all cases a personal justification
statement from the student is required with a detailed explanation of the extenuating circumstance(s) that
prevented meeting the published deadlines or adhering to current policies. Exceptions are not automatic and will
be granted on case-by-case basis in light of circumstances and documentation.
pporting documentation is required to substantiate the reasons for being unable to meet published deadlines or
to adhere to current policies. Requests received incomplete without supporting documentation may be returned
and not considered (see below for examples of reason for request and supporting documentation).
A requ
est will only be approved if the requester can demonstrate unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances
beyond the student’s control. Financial hardship and failure to read UAS’s documents generally do not present
justifiable reasons to support an exception request.
e petition and all supporting documentation should be submitted to the UAS Registrar’s office or to the
appropriate office at the Ketchikan or Sitka campuses. Complete petitions can be scanned and emailed, faxed, sent
by mail or submitted in person using the contact information listed on the first page.
Approved housing petitions will be prorated to the date of close out and approved board petitions will only
include unused balance. Application fees will not be returned under any circumstances.
The information below is intended to provide a description of the reasons for exception and the documentation that may support a
request. The documentation varies depending upon the situation and can be, but is not limited to the following;
Reason for Request
Examples of Supporting Documentation
Advising Academic advisor’s written confirmation and explanation of advising support.
Circumstances beyond student
Letter on letterhead from legal, medical, or other relevant professional. Police report, court
order, visa, airline ticket, or other relevant documents.
Death in family
Dated copy of death certificate, published obituary or memorial brochure/program listing
student as a survivor.
Petitions for housing and board refunds must be accompanied by additional documentation
demonstrating why the issue required leaving housing before the end of the term.
Instructional Difficulties Supporting information and recommendation by department chair or dean.
Job conflict Employer’s letter on letterhead confirming date and necessity of job changes beyond your
control. Please note: voluntary work schedule changes or commitments made by the student are
rarely approved unless exceptional circumstances can be documented. Students are responsible
for management of personal scheduling that may impact their educational commitments.
Medical condition of student or
family member
Doctor’s letter on letterhead verifying nature of condition and dates of treatment.
Military duty Copy of official order to report for training or active duty.
Registration or course access
Relevant supporting documentation, e.g. email or other correspondence with university
personnel about registration intentions or difficulties. Documentation of inability to have
internet access.
Contact the Registrar’s office at 907-796-6100 if you have questions or concerns relating to supporting documents.
Appeal requests for petitions that have been not been approved must be submitted in writing to the UAS Petition Appeal Hearing
Officer within 30 days of the day the decision is mailed or otherwise distributed to the student. Appeals may address policy or
procedural errors made by the committee, new information not available at the time of the committee’s decision, or include
additional justifications for why the University should make an extraordinary exception to its published policies. Students
appealing are encouraged to provide any documentation that supports their claim. Visit this webpage for instructions on how to
appeal: http://www.uas.alaska.edu/student-accounts/petition-and-appeals.html.