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Student Information
ID: _______________ Name: __________________________________________ Class Year: ____________ Date: ______________
Academic Advisor: ______________________________________ Department of Academic Advisor: _________________________
Course Information
Academic Year
Course Number
Petition Type
Late Add Late Drop Graded to S/U S/U to Graded Other: _______________________
Student Rationale for Petition (required)
Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________
Instructor Support/Lack of Support and comments (*not required for Graded to S/U or S/U to Graded)
Required for late drop:
Approximate Grade to Date: _______________ Last Date of Attendance: ______________
Instructor Signature: _______________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Advisor Comments (required)
Please comment on the impact of this action may have on the progress towards the student’s graduation.
Advisor’s Signature: ______________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________
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Petition: Late Registration Change (Revised November 2018)
Petitioning Procedures:
Please follow these procedures completely and in the order listed.
1. Read the guidelines below for petitioning, plus the appropriate entries in the St. Olaf Academic Catalog.
2. Complete all sections of the form, paying special attention to the rationale for your request. Supporting documents
may be attached but may not replace the statement of the rationale.
3. Obtain signature(s) and comments from the appropriate individuals listed below (note that for S/U changes, the
advisor’s signature is required, but students should not request the signature of the course instructor).
4. Return the completed form to the Registrar’s window, Tomson Hall 140.
Please read these guidelines carefully before preparing a petition. Students should also read the appropriate entries in the St. Olaf
College Academic Catalog, such as: Graduation Requirements, Grade Requirements for the Major, Graded and Ungraded Courses,
Deadlines, Petitions, Adding Courses, Dropping Courses, Late Add (Courses), Late Drop (Courses), S/U Option, S/U Changes.
If a petition for a late drop is granted, a notation of W will be made on the student’s transcript. The course will not be removed from
the student’s record. If a student is dropping a course s/he never attended, the instructor must verify lack of attendance.
The graduation requirements of the College, including general education, cannot be waived and are not subject to petition. In rare
cases, upon successful petition, the foreign language requirement may be fulfilled by alternate means, but not waived. Students
experiencing foreign language course difficulty should consult with their instructor, their faculty advisor, the Academic Support Center,
and/or the Academic Advising Center. This petition form is not used for such petitions. Consult the Registrar.
Responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests entirely with the student. Students must be cautious about dropping courses
or making S/U changes.
The Registrar may approve or deny a student petition, or forward it directly to the Curriculum Committee. If the Registrar enters a
decision, students may appeal the decision by resubmitting the petition to the Registrar, who will forward it to the Curriculum
Committee. The Curriculum Committee will consider an appeal only in cases where the student has provided substantial, new
information regarding the petition. Decisions of the Curriculum Committee are final.
A fee of $50.00 will be assigned by the Registrar or by the Curriculum Committee for each approved change.
Action of the Registrar: ______Approved ______
Fee Assigned if Approved:_________________
Signature of Registrar:_______________________________________ Date:_________________________
Action of the Curriculum Committee (on appeal of decision of Registrar) ____Approved ____Denied
Fee Assigned if Approved: ________________
Signature of the Curriculum Committee Chair: ___________________________________Date:__________________
Reason for the Curriculum Committee Action: _________________________________________________________
Office Use Only:
Date changes were made: ______________________
Date student was notified: ______________________
Date fee was billed: ______________________
Entered in Notes: ______________________