Personal Information Collection and Disclosure Authority
1. I/we authorise Snug Technologies Pty Ltd (ACN 616 484 292) and its related bodies corporate
(and their respective principals, agents or employees) (collectively Snug) to collect, store and
disclose my/our personal information in accordance with this Personal Information Collection and
Disclosure Authority and the Snug Privacy Policy located at
2. In this Authority, Property means any residential property that I/we apply to rent and Property
Manager means the authorised manager or owner of that property (and their respective
principals, agents or employees).
3. Without limiting the types of collection and disclosures of information that are permitted by the
Privacy Policy, I/we hereby confirm the following:
3.1. I/We have authorised Snug and the Property Manager (including their respective principals,
agents or employees) to collect and retain for the purpose of my/our Snug Profile/s and
rental applications my/our personal information including information and documents which:
(a) Provide evidence of my/our identity, including but not limited to my/our passport or
drivers’ licence;
(b) Provide evidence of my/our employment, income/us or government benefits;
(c) Confirm my/our creditworthiness including migration, court and bankruptcy records,
credit checks and bank or other financial service provider records;
(d) Confirm my/our tenancy history including but not limited to rental references and
records relating to my/our history as a renter, such as rental payments and performance
and, where permitted, rental bond transactions and claim history; and
(e) Such other information as is required by the Property Manager to consider my/our rental
3.2. I/We acknowledge and authorise Snug and the Property Manager to collect such personal
information from third parties as needed for the purposes set out in 3.1, including rental
agents, managers or owners, employers or accountants (if self-employed), banks and other
financial institutions, linked social profiles, credit bureaux, courts and government authorities.
3.3. I/We acknowledge that my/our personal information may be collected in writing, images,
email or via telephone and that records which are required by law to be held will not be
3.4. I/We have authorised Snug and the Property Manager to collect and retain information held
in one of more of the following residential tenancy databases.
(a) NTD (tel: 1300 563 826 web:;
(b) TICA (tel: 1902 220 346 web:;
(c) RP DATA (1300 734 318;
(d) BARCLAY MIS (tel: 1300 883 916;
(e) TRA (tel: 02 9363 9244 web:;
3.5. I/We acknowledge that if I/we am listed as a defaulter in any such database:
(a) My/Our rental application may be declined; and
(b) I/We will be responsible for contacting the database and/or the listing agent in order
to negotiate a resolution and/or to arrange for the amendment of the listing, should they be
(c) I/We authorise Snug and the Property Manager to disclose such of my/our personal
information as is necessary for the purpose of managing my/our rental including, but not
limited to:
(d) The current or any future owner(s) of the Property and any manager(s) appointed to
manage the Property in the future, whom I/We acknowledge may see all my/our personal
(e) Tradespeople and other service providers that are necessary to maintain the Property
during my/our tenancy; and
(f) Providing referrals to utility and other service providers that are relevant to my/our
rental of the Property, which will be limited to information needed to offer and provide
services, including but not limited to my/our contact details, prospective rental address and
move in date. I/We acknowledge that this information may be used to obtain the National
Metering Identifier and/or the Meter Installation Reference Number.
3.6. I/We understand that:
(a) The referral services referred to in 3.5(c) will be provided to me/us free of charge, and
I/We my decline to enter into a contract with any service provider referred to me/us;
(b) Snug, the Property Manager or other service providers may receive a fee in respect
of the referral;
(c) It is my/our responsibility to enter into a contract directly with utility service providers
and this may include connection, disconnection and ongoing charges; and
(d) I/We am solely responsible for all amounts payable in relation to the connection
and/or supply of utility or other services to the Property including standard connection fees
and deposits.
3.7. I/We confirm that Snug may accept directions to disclose my/our personal information in any
other manner from me/us that are communicated via electronic means, including via email or
SMS or via my/our account portal within the Snug online platform.
3.5. I/We understand that if I/we have any questions regarding privacy or the collection or
disclosure authorisations that have been provided by me/us, or wish to delete all or some of
my/our personal information, I/we can contact Snug at
3.6. I/We agree that Snug is not liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage arising
from errors or omission in the presentation, transmission or processing of my/our information
via the Snug Match platform.
3.7. I/we agree to the terms of the other legal notices published by Snug on the website including, without limitation, the Website Terms of Use.
4. Declarations:
4.5. All joint applicants to rent the Property have agreed to the collection, retention, use and
disclosure of their personal information as set out in this Authority and the Privacy Policy and
that the undersigned may make these representations on their behalf;
4.6. The information provided on my and their behalf in the Snug Platform and in this Authority is
true and accurate; and
4.7. I/We agree to pay the rent, bond and all other money due when entering into the rental
agreement for the Property.
Name of Signatory:
Contact: mobile / email