Be prepared for flooding. Act now
Are you signed up to receive flood warnings?
If not call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to see
if your area receives free flood warnings.
General contact list Company name Contact name Telephone
Environment Agency 0845 988 1188
Electricity provider
Gas provider
Water company
Telephone provider
Insurance company and
policy number
Local council
Local radio station
Travel/weather info
Service cut-off
Description of location
Key locations
Relationship Name Contact details How can they/you help?
Friend or neighbour
Who can help/who can you help?
Personal flood plan
Let us know when you’ve completed your flood plan by calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188.
This will help us learn more about how people are preparing for flooding.
Environment Agency Practical advice to help you create a flood plan 28
Be prepared for flooding. Act now
Personal flood plan What can I do NOW?
Put important documents out of
flood risk and protect in polythene
Check your insurance covers you
for flooding
Move furniture and electrical items to safety
Put flood boards, polythene and sandbags in place
Make a list now of what you can move away from the risk
Turn off electricity, water and gas supplies
Roll up carpets and rugs
Unless you have time to remove them hang curtains over rods
Move sentimental items to safety
Put important documents in polythene bags and move to safety
Garden and outside
Move your car out of the flood risk area
Move any large or loose items or weigh them down
Move important documents, computers and stock
Alert staff and request their help
Farmers move animals and livestock to safety
Evacuation - Prepare a flood kit in advance
Inform your family or friends that you may need to leave your home
Get your flood kit together and include a torch, warm and waterproof clothing,
water, food, medication, toys for children and pets, rubber gloves and wellingtons
Look at the best way of stopping
floodwater entering your property
Make a flood plan and prepare a
flood kit
Find out where you can get
Identify who can help you/
who you can help
Identify what you would need to take
with you if you had to leave your home
Understand the flood warning codes
What can you do if a flood is expected in your area?
There are a range of flood protection products on the market to help you protect
your property from flood damage. A directory of these is available from the
National Flood Forum at
Environment Agency Practical advice to help you create a flood plan 29