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Monthly Interest
Monthly Interest
No Notice Account
Annual Interest
Monthly Interest
8 Day Notice Account
Annual Interest
Short Term Fixed Rate Account
Term 1 month 3 months 6 months
Term 1 year 2 years 4 years
Fixed Rate Account
If you are an existing Hodge Bank customer, please state your account number here:
Annual Interest
It is a requirement of the law that we can satisfy ourselves as to your identity and address and it will be necessary for us
to undertake electronic searches prior to opening an account.
Personal Account Application
This application is for:
Account Details
For our fixed rate accounts, please make sure you have our latest interest rates.
Personal Information
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
Full name
Mr Mrs Miss Ms
Mr Mrs Miss Ms
Current address
Time at address
Years Months Years Months
Postcode Postcode
Date of birth
(minimum age 18 years old)
National Insurance
Mailing address
(if different)
Postcode Postcode
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InheritanceSavings from salary/bonus House saleCompensation Payment
of savings
Proceeds of insurance
Income/dividends from
an investment
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
Telephone/mobile number
Email address
Failure to complete the following may result in your application being returned
I confirm that, for tax
purposes, I am a resident
in the UK
Are you a resident, for
tax purposes, anywhere
other than the UK?
Are you a USA citizen?
If yes, please provide your
Tax Payer Identification
Number (TIN)
I/We confirm that I/We have received the FSCS exclusions and information on eligible deposits
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
Mother’s maiden name
For security purposes, please provide the following information:
Memorable word
(8-12 letters)
Previous address
(if you have changed your address in
the last 12 months)
Postcode Postcode
Source of Deposit
Please indicate the source used to fund your savings.
Our customers’ security is paramount to us and we must comply with various legal and regulatory obligations to protect
you, as well as Hodge, from financial crime. This includes asking you how you have sourced the wealth you are using to
fund your savings account with Hodge.
Look at our Help & Support page for more information.
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Interest Payment Details
I/We require the interest to be paid externally to the bank account from which the
deposit originated. I have completed the bank account details below
(please tick if applicable, otherwise interest will remain in your Hodge Savings Account)
Bank name
Bank address
Sort code
Account number
Mandate For Joint Accounts
Please indicate if instructions should be signed
I/We agree that you may send one statement for our joint account
I/We enclose our cheque for
Please make your cheque payable to Hodge and one or more of the individual(s) named as account holder(s) and drawn
on a UK bank account in the sole or joint name(s) of the applicant(s).
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Applicant 2
By Phone
By Mail
By Email
I understand, confirm and agree the following:
Use of your Personal Data
The personal details you give on this form will be
subject to the provisions of the General Data
Protection Regulations 2018.
The information will be retained only for as long as
necessary in accordance with our Retention Policy
by Hodge who is the data controller, and may be
stored on paper or an electronic format.
The information held about you may be used for the
following purposes:
Administering your application
Verifying your identity and anti-money
laundering checks
Assist in fraud prevention
Reporting to regulators and authorities
Market and product analysis.
The information held about you may be shared with
the following parties:
Hodge’s approved service providers in relation
to this application; Other members of Hodge’s
group, its subsidiaries and associated companies
Regulators or authorities where required or
permitted by law.
You have the right to request access to your personal
information held by Hodge; to do so, this request must
be made in writing using our Subject Access Request
Process. Further information regarding this can be
found on our website.
Telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded in
the interest of security and to help improve our service.
Hodge may also use your information to contact you
about it’s products and services that it believes may be
of interest to you.
Occasionally, we may have products and services that
could be suitable for you. We would like your permission
to contact you by phone, post, SMS or email.
Please confirm if you would like to hear from us about
these services:
We will always treat your personal details with the
utmost care and will never pass or sell your information
to other companies for marketing purposes.
Your rights as a data subject
At any point while we are in possession of or processing
your personal data, you have the following rights:
Right of access – you have the right to request
a copy of the information that we hold about you
as mentioned above
Right of rectification – you have the right to correct
data that we hold about you that is inaccurate or
Right to be forgotten – in certain circumstances you
can ask for the data we hold about you to be erased
from our records
Right to restriction of processing – where certain
conditions apply you have a right to restrict the
Right of portability – in certain circumstances,
you have the right to have the data we hold about
you transferred to another organisation
Right to object – you have the right to object to
certain types of processing such as direct marketing
Right to object to automated processing, including
profiling – protection against targeted marketing
and decision making
Right to judicial review – in the event that we refuse
your request under rights of access, we will provide
you with a reason as to why. You have the right to
complain as per the subject access request process
All of the above requests will be forwarded on should
there be a third party involved in the processing of
your personal data, i.e. if a data subject was to raise
a Subject Access Request.
Applicant 1
By Phone
By Mail
By Email
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0800 028 3746
Hodge is a trading name of Julian Hodge Bank Limited which is registered in England and Wales (No. 743437).
It is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the
Prudential Regulation Authority. Its registered office is One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS. Hodge’s Privacy
Notice confirms how we manage and process your personal data. If you require more detail on how we handle
your information please go to or call 0800 289 358.
Print name
Print name
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the account.
I have read and understood the Personal Data statement and consent to the use of my information for the purposes stated.
I declare that the information that I have provided is correct to the best of my knowedge and belief.
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