BOARD OF SUPERVISORS • 116 Wilson Hill Road • Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328
Phone: 570.828-2347 • Fax: 570-828-8705 •
Fee: _________
I _____________________________________________________formally the owner of the property
identified as Section______ Block ________Lot ________ in the Subdivision of ___________________
hereby notify the Delaware Township Sewage Enforcement Officer that I have legally transferred said
property to:
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
and request that sewage permit number __________________________________ and/or well permit
number______________________________ be transferred to his/her name.
Signed: _________________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Notice: This permit is valid only for the parties listed as the applicant on the sewage and/or well permit application. If the property is
sold or otherwise transferred to another party, the permit may be transferred to the new owners name by completing the form above
and submitting it to the Township Sewage Officer. Use of this permit by any other than that listed on the permit is a violation of the
Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act. Minimum fine - $100.00 per day in violation.
You must have the following before requesting a building permit:
Recorded deed of ownership
Issued sewage and well permit (Where applicable)
Plot plan
Issued road encroachment (where applicable)
Zoning permit (please have area staked out)
A check or cash at time of filing
Both sides of application must be filled out. Include Workers compensation or exemption. Two (2) complete
sets of Building plans drawn to 1/4” to the l’ scale, include Typical cross section, elevations, plumbing
diagram, Floor plan, foundation plan - location and size of decks, Egress windows and doors, existing
bedroom count. Lumber size and species. Roof snow load. All building plans must be drawn to irc 1&2
family dwelling code 2009 Addition to include all climatic and geographic design Criteria to pike county.
Heat loss calculation is required per irc 1401.3. Heating and cooling duct systems to be designed as per
acca manual d and irc 1601.1 . Include optional plans of fire sprinkler system as per P2404 or nfpa 13d. If fire
sprinkler system is to be Installed. Pa. Residential energy provisions work sheet is Required. Commercial
applications to include name, Address, of lic. Architect. Must comply with icc/ansi A117.1 2003 Accessible
and usable buildings and facilities. Type of construction, building use group, and occupant Load.
911 address has to be included on application, sign is to be blue reflective material, both sides, numbers are
to be minimum 4” high, with a stroke width of ½” wide. Reflective numbers must be on both sides of sign and
Placed on site near end of driveway but, out of way of snow plowing acticity. 911 Sign to be posted on site out
of thank you for your recent inquiry regarding septic system permit procedures. The following is a step-by-step
list of our procedures, fees, and other notes that may assist you in understanding the regulations involved.