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Ocean City Fire Department
Office of the Fire Marshal
Ocean City, Maryland
Permit Requirements and Application
for the use of Outdoor LP/NG Gas Fired Appliance(s)
1. These regulations shall be applicable for the use of Listed Liquefied Propane (LP) and/or Natural Gas
(NG) gas fired outdoor fire appliances located within the Town of Ocean City.
2. Only manufactured listed LP/NG gas fired outdoor appliances shall be utilized. Cutt/spec sheets must
be submitted on the listed equipment at the time of application. Homemade appliances shall not be
3. All equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.
4. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
5. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall not be permitted on any public property without a permit.
6. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall be located a minimum of twenty (20’) feet from every part of a
structure including overhangs and decks.
7. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall not be located within ten (10’) feet of a means of egress.
8. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall not be placed on wooden decks or combustible surfaces.
9. LP/NG Gas fire appliances shall not be located within ten (10’) feet of any combustible and/or
flammable material.
10. A solid barrier of non-combustible construction, minimum of three (3’) feet in height, shall be
constructed around the gas appliance.
11. LEAVING A FIRE UNATTENDED IS PROHIBITED! A competent adult must be in constant
attendance until the fire has been completely extinguished.
12. The fire appliance permit will not be issued to subjects under 18 years of age.
13. A minimum 10-lb. (4A) Fire Extinguisher or other approved extinguishing equipment, such as a garden
hose, must be readily available.
14. In addition to the main gas supply shut off, an accessible shut off valve terminating the gas supply shall
be located at the appliance.
15. Outdoor fire appliances will not be used during adverse weather conditions.
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16. Upon installation of the LP/NG Gas fire appliance(s) and annually thereafter, the appliance(s) shall be
inspected by an inspection agency accepted by the Town of Ocean City. The inspection agency
certificate must be submitted with the permit application.
17. A site plan must be submitted with the application. The site plan must indicate the location of the
appliances as it relates to egresses, structures, and flammable and/or combustible materials.
18. Application for a permit must be obtained from Office of the Fire Marshal during regular office hours.
Permit fee is payable, in the form of a check or money order, to “Mayor and City Council of Ocean
City,” in the amount noted in the current fee schedule.
19. The fire appliance permit shall be issued annually and shall be good for the calendar year (January 1
December 31
) in which the permit is issued.
19. A copy of this permit and regulations must be present on site and available upon request by a Fire
Authority and/or Police Officer. The Town of Ocean City reserves the right to check for permit
compliance at any time.
20. When the burning is performed in an unsafe manner and/or during adverse weather conditions,
the Fire Authority and/or Police Officer shall have the open burning cease, even if the Property
Owner/Applicant is in compliance with this policy.
Proposed Use Location (Property/Business Name): _______________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________Ocean City, MD
Applicant Name (Please Print): _____________________________________________________________
Applicant Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: ____________
Applicant Phone Numbers: ____________________________ Other: _______________________________
Applicant Email Address: __________________________________________________________________
Note: The issuance of the permit is based upon the information contained in this application only, and does not
cover unsatisfactory conditions resulting from errors, omissions or failure to clearly indicate conditions. Any
change(s) to the application shall be submitted to the Office of the Fire Marshal for review.
I hereby certify that I am aware of the conditions and requirements for having this permit and agree to comply
with the conditions and requirements. I understand that failure to comply with the conditions would mean
cancellation of this permit and possible denial of future permits.
Applicants Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________
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