PRUAC1;created 05.17.11
Permission to Remove University Assets from Campus
As a general rule, removal of University equipment, furnishings, and similar property from campus is not
permitted. Specific exceptions may be made when all
of the following conditions are met:
Relocation is temporary
Relocation purpose is for the conduct of University business by a University employee
Property, while relocated, will be adequately protected from loss and damage
Head of the administrative unit to which the property is assigned must approve the relocation
Absence of the property, while relocated, will not hinder normal, on-campus operations
***Lending University property for personal or organizational use by private parties is expressly prohibited***
ll blanks on this form must be completed
Identify item(s) to be removed from campus:
inventory number: Period of removal from: to:
campus location from which removed:
ff-campus location to which taken:
Condition of item(s):
niversity business purpose served:
Note: Approving administrator assumes responsibility for custody of this record and for monitoring compliance with its
terms; the user assumes responsibility for the property removed. A copy of this record is to be placed with the copy of
the fixed assets' inventory on file in the administrative unit. The original record is to be submitted to the Fixed Asset
Accountant in the Controller's Office. Removal of property from the campus contrary to University policy may
result in prosecution for misappropriation of State property and/or larceny. Accountability for property purchased
by (or for) a department, college, or other unit of the University is the responsibility of the administrative head of that
Print/Type Name as shown in Banner of the Borrowing Employee Signature Date
Print/Type Name as shown in Banner of the Department Signature Date
Head/Administrative Unit
dditional information is required (listed below) if equipment is removed from campus to individual(s) unaffiliated with
Western Carolina University. Under no circumstance shall removal be for a private purpose.
Date asset was checked out: Date asset to be returned:
Print/Type Name of Individual Borrowing Equipment Signature Date
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