Return completed form to:
Registrar’s Office, 123 White Hall, 1600 Burrstone Road; Utica, New York 13502
Phone: (315) 792-3195 Fax: (315) 792-3020
Student’s Name:
Student ID#:
I request permission to take courses at an institution
other than Utica College during the following term:
Summer Fall Winter Spring YEAR: 20______
UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: this shaded portion is required if this portion is not completed, the Registrar’s Office will not
approve the Permission to Study:
Hours completed at the end of the current semester:
(Look at “Earned Hours” on your transcript and then
ADD all courses for which you are currently registered)
If student has > 90 credits:
Student must obtain Residency Waiver
Residency Waiver attached/already on file
If an undergraduate student has earned 90 or more credits towards his/her degree, s/he must submit a petition to waive the residency requirement (see below).
For the following reason(s):
After consulting with your Adviser/Program Chair and Dean, you may be granted permission to take courses at another institution and
apply them to your degree program at Utica College. This form is used to ensure that the courses you wish to take are acceptable for
transfer. If you plan to take courses at another institution, you should be aware of the following:
Courses taken at another institution and accepted for credit at Utica College will be transferred in as “hours passed.” Letter grades and grade points
will not be recorded (the course will not affect your Utica College GPA).
Courses must be taken at a regionally-accredited college or university.
Credit will be added to your record upon receipt of an official (sealed) transcript from the college you attended.
It is the student’s responsibility to supply the Registrar’s Office with an official (sealed) transcript.
Courses must be applicable to your degree program at Utica College.
Questions about which classes can be transferred are answered by your adviser. The Registrar’s Office cannot advise about planning transfer
Undergraduate Student Requirements:
Minimum grade for transfer: C
Your last 30 credit hours granted toward your Utica College degree must be earned at Utica College. If you have already earned a total of 90 credit
hours toward your degree and wish to take a class at another institution, you must file a petition to waive the residency requirement with the Office of
Student Success (111 Hubbard Hall, 315-223-2555). This is why you must enter the number of hours you will have at the end of the current semester.
A maximum of 60 credits may be earned from any combination of community colleges.
Courses taken through the Study Abroad Program should use the “Permission to Study Abroad” form.
Graduate Student Requirements:
Minimum grade for transfer: B
A maximum of six (6) transfer credits can be applied to a graduate degree.
Courses Planned (must attach course descriptions, course description must include name of college):
Name of Institution:
Dept & Course #
Course Title
Dept & Course #
Course Title
I have reviewed this plan with the student and find these courses acceptable to meet college requirements as listed above.
First Signature Student’s Adviser or Program Chair:
Second Signature Dean of Academic School:
Third Signature Office of the Registrar:
The student does not have permission to take the course(s) listed until the Office of the Registrar signs this form, even if the
Dean has signed. Once final approval has been granted, a copy of the signed form will be mailed to the student’s home address.
The following course(s) from (College/University) ___________________________________________________________________
has/have been added to the above-named student’s record:
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