Chapter 1: Leadership Lesson 2: Leadership Attributes
Unit 2: LET 2 The Developing Leader 1
Performance Assessment Task
Chapter 1: Leadership
Leadership Attributes [U2C1L2]
This performance assessment task gives you an opportunity to document your achievement of the
lesson’s competency:
Analyze your leadership attributes
For this performance assessment task, you will write a paper analyzing your leadership attributes.
For this assessment you will:
1. Review the Tree Maps you made about the leadership attributes of character, presence, and
intellect. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
2. Complete Exercise #1 Score Your Attributes. This will help you organize your thoughts and
refine your self-concept about your leadership attributes.
3. Write a narrative describing your strengths and weaknesses, and your plan for developing
areas in which you are weak.
4. Use the attached scoring guide criteria for what you need to do to complete this task.
5. Submit your completed performance assessment task and scoring guide to your instructor for
evaluation and a grade.
RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that you add this performance assessment task to
your Cadet Portfolio.
Chapter 1: Leadership Lesson 2: Leadership Attributes
2 Unit 2: LET 2 The Developing Leader
Leadership Attributes Performance Assessment Task
Scoring Guide
1. You identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current
leadership attributes, summarizing your results from Exercise
#1 Score Your Attributes
met not met
2. You describe at least one personal situation where strong
leadership attributes would have helped you achieve a better
met not met
3. You describe ways to strengthen your leadership attributes
met not met
4. Your paper is well organized and uses correct grammar and
met not met
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