Human Resources
PeopleAdmin User Group Access Request Form
Please submit form to
Revised 9/2019
Employee’s Printed Name: __________________________________ Banner ID #: 850 ______________
check which type(s) of user group access the employee is to receive in PeopleAdmin:
Department Budget/Dean’s Office
Division Approver
Division Viewer
Hiring Official
Search Reviewer
Please list the department(s)/organizational unit(s) for this request:
Employee Signature _________________________________________ Date ______________________
Supervisor Signature _________________________________________ Date ______________________
HR will grant
access to the above named UNCW employee upon receiving this completed form with all
Temporary suspension to access is required during recruitments when the employee is a candidate for
an area for which they serve as Assistant/Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the department to
inform HR whenever business needs change or a position change causes this employee to no longer
need or be entitled to access certain user groups.
Please submit this completed form to the Office of Human Resources:
Email: Fax: (910) 962-3840 Campus Mail: Box 5960
Location: Administrative Annex
Questions? Please contact the Office of Human Resources at (910) 962-3160.
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