Why Install Sprinklers?
Sprinklers have proven their value in res time and time
again. Here’s what sprinklers could do for you:
Reduce death and injury from re
Protect property
Reduce costs of re and disruption to business
Reduce the environmental impact of re
Lower insurance costs
Who is Eligible?
Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Charities
(and such non-prot organisations) and those at highest
risk will be given priority access to the fund. Factors that
may indicate premises could be considered high risk
Used to house children or vulnerable adults
History of res at the premises
Used to house residents with limited mobility
High-rise premises
Existing problems in achieving re safety
Potential risk to reghter safety
How do I Apply?
Applying for funding is simple, just complete the
Application Form overleaf. If a desktop assessment
indicates sprinklers are an appropriate solution and
the current position warrants further investigation then
an ECFRS Fire Engineer will visit to assess suitability
for the tting of sprinklers. If the Fire Engineer’s report
and the application is approved you will be informed
in writing of how much you will be awarded. The
maximum award will be 50% of the cost. Grants will
be paid within 30 days of a nal inspection by ECFRS
to ensure that the system is installed to the correct
Sprinkler Myth Buster
There are some common misconceptions about
sprinklers that might put you off:
If one sprinkler goes off, so do the rest, causing
water damage in the whole building. False – Only
the sprinklers in the area of the re will go off,
preventing the re from spreading to other rooms.
They go off when there isn’t a re. The chances of
this are rare, with modern technology sprinklers
will not go off unless they’re exposed to the kind of
extreme temperatures generated by a re, burning
your toast won’t do it.
Sprinklers are unsightly and so unsuitable for the
home. Wrong again – modern sprinklers can be
made to blend with your walls and ceiling.
Sprinkler Fund
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service are committed to protecting vulnerable members of
the community. To protect the most vulnerable and to demonstrate the signicant benets of
sprinklers we have set aside £250,000 this year to help towards the costs of installation.
Essex County
Fire & Rescue Service
Our Values: Respect, Accountability, Openness and Involvement
Application for Sprinkler installation funding
Date of
Organisation: Position in
Contact Tel. No: Email Address:
Type of Premises: Owner of
Premises Address: Year of
Postcode: No. of Floors:
Number of Units/Flats: No. of
Type of Construction: If Leasehold
how many
years are
Fire history
(detail previous dates
and details of known res):
Approx. Cost of
Value of funds
Supporting information:
Please detail below all relevant information to be taken into consideration in support of this application
Date application
received (ECRFS use):
Application ref. No.
(For ECFRS use):
Please post to: Sprinkler Fund, Technical Fire Safety Department,
Kelvedon Park, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex CM8 3HB or email to