9045 IC-2014/11
Account Information
For Payroll, Direct Deposit or Pre-Authorized Payment
Set up your direct deposits and pre-authorized payments easily and conveniently
Direct Deposit is a fast and easy way to receive your payroll or other deposits directly into your chequing account.
Pre-authorized Payment is a convenient way to automatically pay your bills from your chequing account.
This form provides account information in place of a voided cheque and is used when arranging for direct deposits or pre-authorized
payments. Simply complete this form and submit it to the company depositing the payment into your account or to the billing company.
Questions? Call us at 1-800-465-2422 or visit a branch.
How to find your banking information on a personal cheque: How to find your bank account numbers online:
You’ll find your account number details on the “My
Accounts” screen. The first five digits are the transit
number and the last 7 digits are the account number.
If you’re set up to receive eStatements, you’ll find your
account number at the top of each statement.
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Banking Information
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