Patent Agreement
I hereby accept the position of at Lake Superior State University, hereinafter called
the University.
I realize that it is or may be my duty or privilege to devote some of my time to research, and that the facilities and
equipment of the University which I will be permitted to use and enjoy, may greatly aid me in prosecuting research and
in conceiving or devising discoveries and patentable inventions.
In consideration of my employment by the University, and the salary to be paid me by said University, and for the
purpose of definitely settling any question or possible controversy which may arise as to the ownership of any patent
which may be granted to me hereafter, I hereby agree that, in the event I shall conceive, devise, or work out any
discovery or invention in the course of my employment, through the use of the facilities and equipment of the
University, the same shall, at the option of the University, be and become the property of the University under the
following terms and conditions:
1. I will disclose any such discovery or invention freely and fully to the President or other proper official of the
2. Upon such disclosure, the University shall have the right and option to take over such discovery or
invention or to decline to take over the same. This right and option shall terminate, however, if the
University shall fail or neglect to give me notice in writing of its intention to take over such discovery or
invention within a period of ninety (90) days after I have notified the University in writing of my desire that
the University make its decision in the matter.
3. If the University shall exercise its option to take over such discovery or invention, I will at its request, but at
the expense of the University, make proper application for United States and foreign patents of the same,
and will assist in every way in preparing such application and in the proceedings toward obtaining such
4. Upon request of the University, I will assign such application or any patent issued on the same to the
Board of Trustees of the University, with full and complete rights, powers and privileges of ownership, IN
TRUST, nevertheless, for the following purposes:
(a) The University shall have full power and authority to issue licenses under the same and to fix and
collect royalties for the use of the same; to use the same for its own purposes, to sell or assign the
same in whole or in part, and in general, to deal with the same at its own absolute discretion.
(b) The University shall pay to me, at least quarterly, fifteen percent of the net proceeds of the earnings or
yield of such patent arising from any source other than the University, whether from license fees,
royalties, or from sale. If such invention shall have been developed by me in collaboration with, or with
the assistance of any other person or persons who have entered into agreements with the University
similar to this, and are entitled to participate in the proceeds of such invention, the payments
hereunder shall be made to me and such other persons in such proportionate shares as we may agree
upon, it being understood and agreed that the aggregate of the payments to all persons shall not
exceed fifteen percent of the net proceeds of any one invention.
(c) The University shall use the balance of such net proceeds after paying the fifteen percent hereinbefore
mentioned for the furtherance of research at said University and for the payment of overhead and
expenses connected with such research, including the cost of securing, protecting, disposing of, or
dealing with any patent developed by such research or by any person who has entered into an
agreement similar to this.
5. All notice to be given by me hereunder may be given to the President or to the Chair of the Board of
________________ ___________________________ _______________________________________
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Witnesses: Accepted: Lake Superior State University
To be signed by all professional, academic, and research employees.
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Supplementary Research Agreement
For full-time and part-time academic and research employees of Lake Superior State University who have applied for,
may apply for, or are engaged in research work wholly or partially funded by United States or other governmental or
private agencies, or by industrial companies.
As an employee of Lake Superior State University who receives or may receive compensation
derived from a contract with or grant to the University from an outside agency or company, I hereby
agree to waive the terms of the standard LSSU employment Patent Agreement and substitute such
terms as may be required of the University and its employees who are engaged in the contract or
grant effort. Such waiver shall be effective only during such period of time as I shall be actively
employed and compensated on projects which derive financial support from a contract or grant which
conflicts with the standard LSSU employment Patent Agreement, plus whatever additional time may
be stipulated in the terms of the contract or grant – but in no event more than six (6) months
following the last date of my employment on such contract or grant work.
For whatever period may be required of the University and its employees who are engaged in a
contract with or grant from an outside agency or company, I also hereby agree to hold in confidence
any agency or company proprietary or confidential information which is expressly designated as such
by the contracting party, and which information shall have been supplied to me and/or generated by
me in the course of my efforts for which my compensation was derived, directly or indirectly, from the
contract or grant source(s).
I understand that this Supplementary Research Agreement in no way reduces or diminishes the
necessity of my prompt and full disclosure of any discovery or invention which I shall make in the
course of my employment with the University, regardless of the source of funds for financial support.
Dated: Employee’s Signature
Title of position
Accepted: Lake Superior State University
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