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Pass/No Pass Request for Credit Classes
1. It is strongly recommend you meet with an advisor for important information related to your use of the P/NP option.
a. Not all courses offer the option between P/NP and a standard letter grade.
b. A Pass grade indicates satisfactory completion of the course (equivalent to a C or better). A No Pass
grade means the course was not satisfactorily completed and no credit was granted. A NP grade is a
non-punitive grade. A Pass grade satisfies the prerequisite of C or better required for entry into some
courses. A grade of P or NP does not affect a student’s GPA.
c. Each student is limited to receiving no more than 16 P/NP credits for an associate’s degree, and 8 P/NP
credits for a certificate.
d. Transfer students should be aware that four-year institutions limit the number of P/NP credits that may be
applied toward a degree.
e. Regular tuition will be charged for P/NP classes.
2. A grade of “NPor “P” cannot be changed back to a standard letter grade nor changed to an “R” mark if the
course is repeated
3. If you’d like to be graded P/NP, and the course qualifies:
a. Email the instructor the completed form from your MyChemeketa student email
b. If approved, the instructor must forward your email with the request form via email
( by 5pm of the deadline day (deadlines can be found online and in the
schedule of classes)
NOTE: P/NP grades cannot be changed back to a standard letter grade.
Student ID (K#
): Date: - -
Name: ______________
Last, First, Middle
Street, City, State Zip
Phone Num
ber with area code:________________ Email: ______________________
Term: __________________
Course ID
TH 095)
Course Title
Signature Approval
Student: Please retain your copy of this document for your personal records. You must bring this copy of the
form to the Registrar’s Office if you have any questions regarding grades received as P/NP.
Student Signature: Date:
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