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State regulations mandate that a student may elect the pass/no pass option in a regular (letter graded) course no
later than the established Pass/No Pass deadline (see the Schedule of Classes for full-semester class deadline or
“DR” deadline for short-term classes).
Yuba Community College District allows students in good standing to elect to take one regularly graded course, not
in his or her major, each semester, on a Pass/No Pass basis.
A pass grade or “P” grade symbol will be awarded for work completed at “C” (satisfactory) or better level. Units
earned for satisfactory achievement shall be counted in the satisfaction of degree requirements. A grade of “D” or
“F” work will result in a No Pass or “NP” grade symbol for the course. In neither case will units be counted in the
determination of the student’s grade point average, but the “NP” will be counted in Progress Probation.
Once the timeframe for Pass/No Pass has ended, you may NOT change the option back to a letter grade.
The student should consult with a counselor to discuss transferability of courses placed on the Pass/No Pass option.
The student must file the appropriate Pass/No Pass option form with the Admissions & Records Office by the estab-
lished deadline.
If your major should change or the college you plan to transfer to will not accept the Pass/ No Pass grade, the
course grade will NOT be changed back to the original letter grade (per State regulations).
I have read the information listed above. I understand it is my responsibility for placing this class on the Pass/No
Pass option. I also understand the P/NP grade may NOT be changed back to a letter grade once the deadline has
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