Pass/No-Pass Grade Petition
Office of Admissions and Records
(Effective catalog 2019-2020)
COVID-19 Executive Order 20-02
On March 16, 2020, the state Chancellor’s Office has provided relief in Executive Order 20-02 that waives timelines and
other restrictions related to students’ abilities to request Pass/No Pass (P/NP) as a grading option. The LACCD will lift the
restriction on the number of courses/units students can take for Pass/No Pass this semester and in future terms while the
COVID-19 health emergency continues. Additionally, these courses will not count towards the maximum number of
P/NP limits one may apply to the degree, including major courses, as may be defined by each college.
I request to be graded on aPass/No Pass basis. I understand that:
1. I will be held responsible for all assignments and examinations required in the course and must meet the standards of
evaluation which are identical for all students.
2. I shall receive course credit and unit credit upon satisfactory completion of the course. Satisfactory completion for
Pass (P) is equivalent to the grade of “Cor better; unsatisfactory completion for No-Pass (NP) is equivalent to
the grade of “D” or anF”.
3. Course taken this term as a replacement/repeat of a previously-graded course may be taken Pass/No Pass. (Note that a
grade of Pass will replace a previous grade, while a grade of “No Pass” will not replace a previous grade.) The
previous grade GPA will not be counted towards the student’s cumulative GPA if replaced with the Pass grade.
4. Units earned on a Pass/No Pass basis shall not be used to calculate grade-point average nor will NP be considered in
probationary and dismissal procedures.
5. I acknowledge that the grading basis of Pass/No Pass may affect my placement on the Dean’s List, President’s List and
institutional honors.
6. I may cha nge my grading basis (letter grade to Pass/No Passor vice versa) on or before the last day to drop with a
W/EW for the course.
7. I cannot convert my Pass/No Pass grade to a letter grade after the official grade has been recorded on my transcript.
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