Participation Agreement for NPS Distance Learning Programs
Success in a NPS distance learning (DL) program requires the full commitment of both the student and the sponsoring organization. Most
students work full-time, making it challenging to balance family, work and school. Therefore, command/company sponsor support is
essential for the successful and timely completion of the program. The first step is to ensure the student and supporting command
understands his or her responsibilities and required level of commitment. Expectations of the time required for successful completion of a
graduate-level program are significantly higher than undergraduate studies. Students are expected to actively participate during classes
and other academic activities, as well as successfully complete all assignments.
Command/Company Sponsors can support DL students in the following ways:
Time Allocation
It is imperative for students and command/company sponsors to understand the commitments and expectations required to achieve
academic success. Consistent class attendance will enhance on-time graduation and maximize the student’s educational experience. Some
DL classes are asynchronous and do not require attendance on a specific day/time and others are synchronous DL classes often held
during the workday. It is highly recommended that commands/company sponsors understand the time commitment of the program applied
for and consider release time or alternate work schedules for class preparation and/or attendance as required. Please see each program’s
individual web page for further details:
Many DL students have jobs requiring travel. Although there is some flexibility for class attendance, frequent travel may impede a
student’s academic success. To reiterate, consistent class participation is critical to students’ overall educational experience and their
ability to graduate on schedule.
NPS DL programs employ various delivery methods including asynchronous online, synchronous web or video-teleconferencing (VTC)
a.k.a. video-tele-education (VTE), and/or face-to-face at a remote site. Adequate command/company technological support at the local
level is critical for success. Students must fully understand the methods used by the respective program. NPS program representatives can
assist in developing this understanding.
Service Obligation/Continued Service Agreement
Students and commands/sponsoring companies should not only consider the time required to complete the program, but also the duration
of the service obligation (military) or continued service agreement (civilian) incurred as a result of participation/completion. As a
supervisor, ensure a sufficient return on investment for your command or company from your employee’s participation in an NPS DL
Command or Company Approver
The Command or Company Approver is the representative of the applicant’s organization, usually a supervisor or manager, who has the
authority to approve student participation in an NPS DL program, and grant permission for student to change, retake or withdraw from a
course or program. The company may want to designate additional Points of Contact (POCs) who will coordinate with NPS personnel to
resolve DL student support and academic issues that may arise during the time the student is in the program.
Complete Authorizing Official (AO) information, print and provide this page to your AO for signature. Please complete all fields prior to printing
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Applicant Information
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I have read the above, and I authorize the applicant’s enrollment (upon official acceptance) and participation in the NPS
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v. 10/4/16
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